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Kristoffer Polaha (JFK JR. ROLE), 21 January 2003

I thought the cast did a wonderful job. Portia and Kristoffer are hot together, and I would love to see them team up again for another film. That scene where they fight in the park is hilarious. Not to poke fun at the real couple, but they did that so well. I love to watch it over and over. Kristoffer is absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, and she's a very pretty young lady. He doesn't look like John JR. up close but he is definitely just as handsome and sexy as John Jr. was. I read where he was compared to Robbie Benson in the looks department....Yeah right! Robbie wishes he did look like Kristoffer Polaha. He's funny and very good looking. I saw him in this short film called "Home Base" and I thought I would die from laughing at his character. I literally almost wet my pants from laughing so hard. If anyone says he's talentless, just check out that short film. The young, buck, 25 is also newly engaged to Julianne Morris Of "Days Of Our Lives." I think she plays Greta. What a lucky brawd.