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Big Fish (2003)
Mesmurising..., 23 December 2009

What can I say? I'm a stuffy 13-year old teenager who doesn't take the time to gaze upon life knowing its surreal beauty. Even when my English teacher introduced this movie to the class for us to watch, I groaned. "Big Fish?", "Gonna be a sappy old fairytale!". And how stupid was I to even think that? Right from the very first minutes of the movie, I was compelled. My only words for Big Fish were "Beautiful, amazing, incredible...a sheer masterpiece!". It's weird to say because I never looked at a Tim Burton film that way. I've watched titles such as Edward Scissorhands and don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it immensely but it never really affected me that much. It's the same with fantasy, watching films like Narnia, I can never compare it to the beauty of Big Fish.

This film looks at life in a very passionate way. With the character of Edward Bloom as he introduces the true importance of life, looking through it in a very child-like imaginative way. I am a kid myself but I have never considered to look at life that way, which really opened my eyes. What I like about this epic is there are three different stories. One of Will's life, who's trying to know more about his father, one of Old Edward, as he lies on his deathbed, and one of Young Edward, who foresees the excitement and adventure. And what's great about it is that the film makes the best out of the three plots without creating any diversions.

We explore Edward's adventurous past as he goes through situations and sacrifices. The film is made with such precision and care as it stores the moments and delivers its material very well.

We get to know the characters a little bit as well. We investigate the true analysis of Edward's past and we see the helpless Will who is also trying to investigate Edward, but there is no need of investigating... just the situation of believing. Their relationship was very heartfelt. The character of Edward Bloom is astonishing. The lack of determination he had in the movie makes him a one of a kind inspiration. + Kutos to Ewan McGregor for committing to his character.

Billy Crudup was also great. As for Albert Finney, he gave a flawless performance and it showed the Edward who had done the exploration and seen the life.

Other characters like Helen Bonham Carter and Jessica Launge were fantastic too. Kutos to Carter as she had the task to play three roles and she managed it with consistency. Plus, it was a treat having Danny DeVito in the film as well.

Bottom Line: From an adults perspective, Big Fish sort of brings out the child in you; it makes life look so beautiful. All I would say is that I would strongly recommend you watch it; just let loose and enjoy.


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Filled me with hysterical laughs...great, great Christmas movie!, 22 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've never been much of a fan of the HA movies. Yes I've heard of them but I never actually bothered to watch them. But after I saw this movie it made me realise how entertaining and hysterical they are. It was just yesterday when I was watching a TV programme, I realised that this film was on next and it was then that I decided to watch it (just to not be bored.) I had my doubts about this film, not knowing what "joy" to expect because as I've said, I never seen any of the HA movies nor the prequel: however I was able to catch on during the first 5 minutes of the film. Let me say I was throughly proved wrong during 5 or so minutes of the film. I half expected myself to switch to a different channel, never giving this film a chance as I felt that it was just going to be another boring Christmas movie. BUT, I was so overwhelmed by this film that I set off continuing to watch it...all the way through! I just loved it, I guess it just had that Christmasy spark and adventure. And let me say, it is very rare I would watch a film all the way to the end without even switching channels and feeling bored.

The plot, I admit, was typical yet it had a really big impact on the film as it gave it its surreal adventure. I really enjoyed it but I believe it was utter coincidence that a kid could board on a plane, not knowing that his family was on another flight and finally they are separated all the way across the country. It would be terrifying for me as I do not know what I would do without my family...knowing they're not in the same country as I am and I was alone! But from the movies perspective, some good things came out of it (especially when you're in the city that never sleeps!) Room service, dining, luxurious suites, credit cards..aah! Kid's lucky! And also in this movie the kid acts so calm and independent and yet he's not at all scared that his family is halfway across the country!

And speaking of being could you not be?? The mom + dad didn't look so worried when they soon found out that their kid is missing. Sure...despite the fact that the mom fainted, she didn't actually show any real worry! I was surprised that her and her husband was cracking up jokes in the police office when their son could be lost anywhere around the world...! And *psst;;;;spoiler;;;;* when the mom actually found her son, she wasn't even crying of joy! Finding your son in a big dangerous city would take a miracle (well, even though it's Christmas) and the mom was just like "Ooh, I'm so glad to see you!"... seriously!

Speaking of being serious...the films climax was one HECK of a ride! The booby traps from the kid was very creative yet amazingly harsh!! I was expecting that the two bandits were to be killed at the end of the movie as they were heavily electrocuted (you SERIOUSLY could die), pelted with stone-hard bricks,(again!) attacked by a heard of pigeons and various nuts, bolts and hammers and fallen through spaces leading to another cruel booby trap (ouch!) and yet they didn't seem to break any part of their body -- let alone be killed!

Yeah, so the booby traps were (like I said) "harsh" and the film makes it look like it's so easy to throw bricks at someone and know they'll be just okay... and not dead!...

MY ADVICE: Don't let your kids watch this, seriously acknowledge the PG rating!!

But in spite of the silly action in the climax, I actually enjoyed the climax!! It was the best part in the movie and let me say it kept me on the edge of my seat!

See that's the thing with Home Alone 2, the action just keeps your eyes glued to the screen! There were also some REALLY funny parts as well, like when Kevin was trying to escape from the hotel and of course, the ridiculous climax! (as I've already noted!)

Pushing on to the characters, the relationship between Kevin and the pigeon lady was quite interesting. It just shows that Kevin was not alone and there was always a helping hand (which definitely came in use!*not saying any more, but you could probably work that out! sorry!*). Plus the scene where they had that talk, comprehending their feelings to one another was sweet, in comparison to the part when Kevin gave the lady a mini pigeon as a token of their friendship and saying "I'll never forget you..."

What would make Home Alone 2 even better is if there were two stories. One of Kevin's New York Adventure and also one about the family trying to find him. Sure we definitely touched on Kevins' side but what about the family? It would sort of be good if the film was created into like a 'Finding Nemo' type story (but NOT a big drama!) so we would have both adventures...

Overall it comes down to Home Alone 2 to being THE Christmas movie! I genuinely loved it, it was sweet, funny and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. But seriously if you're watching this film with young kids, watch out for the climax! But other than that, I would definitely recommend it!

*********/10 stars!!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, everyone!



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A sweet, entertaining rom-com... why the low rating?, 21 December 2009

Years ago, when my sister rented this movie for her and me to watch, I had my doubts. Monster-in-Law. How typical? Without even watching the trailer or looking up the plot synopsis, I already knew what this film was going to be about. A girl falls in love with a man, gets married, mets the mom, instant connection of hatred and it's war. That's why they translated the name "Mother-in-law" to the girls' opinion of her husband's mom - a monster and that's where the title "Monster-in-law" came from. Like I said = typical.

But surprisingly I was proved wrong. I found this film to be very sweet and funny. I was even surprised by the low rating on IMDb, what's wrong with it? Well to me it just simply ticked the boxes for a perfect rom-com. Lopez and Fonda were fantastic. I found them to be quite poor at the start but they simply got better as the film progressed. What a cat fight between them in the movie, they just gave me laughs! And also Viola's assistant Ruby was hysterical.

What I also love about this film was that the plot was unique (sort of!). I know, I know (and FYI that was before I watched the film) I said that the concept of the movie was very typical. But it actually brings the usual plot to a whole new level and unlike any other rom-com I've seen, this one simply stood out. And the film was more eventful that I thought. I thought the film was going straightforward - carrying the plot in a very bland way, but it was concept when one thing just let to another, I found (suprisingly) entertaining.

When it comes down to it, like I said, I was proved wrong about this film. This is a genuinely sweet, entertaining rom-com that delivers its material very well. One of the best rom-coms I've seen, but I only have one question (and as I noted this about 3 times in this review)... why the low rating? Come on guys - it's not that bad. My advice to the audience: don't be put off by its 4 stars - watch it; you could surprise yourself.

OVERALL RANKING: 8.2/10 stars



Started off as dull, cheesy and cliché but then admitted itself to be quite interesting, 4 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had no "raging" desires to see this movie once it aired in my country. However that did not stop me from watching it once it finally premiered on TV.

Evidently, a film with glimmering showbiz stars like Daniel Craig + Nicole Kidman is going to be quite interesting. We've seen them individually in action films like 007 (Daniel obviously) and sappy romantic films, but have we ever actually seen them on a fantasy perspective film? And speaking of fantasy this links to my valid expectations of 'The Golden Compass': a Narnia-stylised fantasy film. And was I right?

Yes, you could say it sustains all that but it also delivers the true essence of it but on the other hand - that doesn't mean it's THAT good...

The first 15-20 minutes of the film, I admit, was lame. And by that I mean dull. Dull because the first few minutes of the film introduced the fantasy genre in a very chEEsy way - plus it was all in narration! I also think this film was quick paced. Such as after the boring "story-telling" at the beginning, it then quickly buzzed into the action. And there are loads of cut-scenes. In every scene it's like a different event happening and when it's over, it just fast forwards itself to another scenario without even letting to film blend into the scene transformations on its own manner.

On the other hand, with the start being a let-down, the film starts to redeem its influence (well, that happened when we really started getting into the adventure.) It FINALLY started to deliver on a fantasy genre level. And I admit, it turned out to be a heck of a ride. The film introduced its other main characters (eg;- Orik the bear), its adventure and moreover - its enjoyment. So all in all, the second half of the movie + its climax actually turned out to be quite good.

However the ending looms into the films negatives. It seemed that the film was left unfinished. After that amazing climax - everything just went down so fast. Overall it turned out to be a poor ending. What a silly disappointment Are they gonna make the Golden Compass 2? (I hope so.) Because the film just left itself and the audience with unanswered mystery questions...

Well enough about the story, lets go on to the performances;-

- Dakota Blue Richards: She started off surprisingly bland, but then as the film progresses, she started to progress herself and it really showed her true "acting colours". Overall she is a talented actress who has a bright film future ahead of her.

- Daniel Craig + Nicole Kidman: Although I said the action was going to be "interesting": But to be honest, I expected better acting from them. I was disappointed to see that Daniel wasn't in the film much and Nicole turned out to be just a vague "evil person". Overall their performances were okay but nothing more than than that...

And as for the other actors/actresses, they were good as well. But I have to say that Dakota was the heart of the movie.

OVERALL: A film which starts off as incredibly dull, cheesy and quick but once we got into the action it got quite interesting but it just couldn't hold that for the ending point.

+ this film was a bit cliché. It mainly relies on special effects, scene setting and props to give it its title (which links to the cheesiness). But it was a rather okay, enjoyable fantasy.


Bean (1997)
Bean rocks!, 30 October 2009

I remember watching this film back in 2002, when my dad got it on video. I was only 5 then but I can remember I loved it and couldn't stop watching it. This film's great. Rowan was marvellous as Mr Bean. There's no other man for the job. His acting and all his facial expressions were just brilliant. The gags were hilarious! I practically killed myself laughing. Like Mr Bean's incident with the painting, that was classic. Best part in the movie.

Overall, this is one of my favourite childhood movies. Now we don't have the video anymore, it's a bit sad but I'm glad we still have a copy of Johnny English. Defiently recommend.

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And the title says it all!, 29 October 2009

Seriously. When are people going to stop making this garbage? It's just so stupid. First we have the trashy Scary Movie series then people got inspired and made films like 'Date Movie' and 'Epic Movie'. And then this piece of junk blew in. I mean come on! This whole conspiracy is just going too far. Do the makers even know how agonising these movie are?! Have some dignity people! Unlike the same old hideous gags, the film makers got one thing right about this movie. It had the perfect title! Disaster Movie. Yes, it is a disaster. It's a disaster in so many various ways. In fact such a disaster that within the first 5 minutes of this film...I just couldn't take it anymore. It was just torture. I then switched to a different channel, relieving myself from the sheer disturbance I let my eyes and ears go through.

Overall, if you're looking for a short definition of this trash - look no further than it's 2-worded title! It just simply says it all! And sorry for my rating, I couldn't rate it below 1 star. I would rather have gone for -10000!

Epic Movie (2007)
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Just...a waste!, 28 October 2009

Wow. I only have one question...should I call 'this' a movie?? No, I'm being serious. In fact, this totally counts as a pathetic attempt to a funny Scary Movie re-run which was homemade by a bunch of mindless wanna-be-director nerds. I totally agree with it's abysmal 2-star IMDb rating but I fail to understand why it's not in the Bottom 100. Everything about this movie is stupid. The gags were hideous. Not a single point in the movie that I actually found them'funny'. But (suprisingly) I actually found one thing funny about this movie. It's the attempts for laughter. The film makers spent like a year pointlessly trying to whip up laughable script jokes to entertain the audience, when in the actual film, they ended up not delivering. How dumb?! And the film characters that they were 'trying' to mock! Narnia, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean?! I mean come on!! You're just mocking yourselves! Overall, I'll sum it up by saying the film makers wasted a year of their life trying to make this junk and every bad word in this word describes how lame this movie is. One of the worst films I've ever seen. Epic Movie? Should be called Epic Failure!

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Duff fans will probably like this...(I did), 26 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To be honest, the only reason that I was quite keen on seeing this film is because Hilary Duff is in it. I loved her in the TV series 'Lizzie McGuire' and movie tiles like 'Cheaper By The Dozen', 'Material Girls', 'Cadet Kelly' etc. And yet again, she continues to shine like a star in this movie.

The idea of this movie was a bit random and cliché. Not to mean I hated to plot, but there's something about this film that reminds me of Camp Rock. A quite shy, nervous girl is picked to go to a big-time music school. At the school she finds great friends, a love interest, an arch enemy and her true voice. And then there's an idea of 'a final performance' at the end of the film which is a bit like the final jam in Camp Rock. How typical is that?! But there's also something about this movie that gives more than Camp Rock. Something extremely better!

I felt bad for Terrie in the beginning of what happened to her brother. However it was a bit predictable. When they were coming back from the concert in my mind, I knew they were going to having a car crash and unfortunately they did. Yes I hate when that happens in movies, something good and then a dramatic twist. Also I think her dad was quite annoying, especially near the end, where he just barged into Terrie's room, packing her things and forcing her to go home, just right before her performance. But I'm glad he took notice of her abilities at the end.

Hilary Duff (like I said) shined like a star in this movie. In my opinion there is no other Terrie, she was the perfect match to her role. Also, throughout the movie, she progresses in a fantastic way and I loved her song at the end. Her boyfriend was good too. I loved him at the part when he was drunk, really funny!

Overall, I would certainly recommend this film to Duff fans. Even though the plot is quite similar to Camp Rock, it was still a million times better than it! Everything about this movie makes it a simply entertaining music flick. And I wasn't keen on hoping the film would be that good but you could surprise yourself!

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What a great end to Wizards of Waverly Place! Best DCOM ever!, 25 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not joking, out of all the DCOM's, this has got to be the best one I've ever seen. It was immensely better than The Hannah Montana Movie, Camp Rock or the hideous High School Musical. It was unlike anything we would see in the TV series. This movie brang everything to a whole new level. It was simply fantastic. Selena Gomez was the star of the movie. Her acting was superb. She progressed very well throughout the movie and throughout the series. David Henrie was good too.

The entertainment was bigger and better. The action kept me on the edge of my seat. For example: parts like at the hillside, where Justin and Alex made a stone bridge to cross the river. Also when Justin got stuck in quick sand and when Justin and Alex had to conquer the almighty cave (that was the best bit!). This all came from the visuals/special effects. They actually looked okay, quite realistic...great!

The chemistry between Alex and Justin was really sweet. I was actually surprised by that because you wouldn't normally see that kind of affection between them in the series. But my only negative in the movie is "the using magic in public" especially by the dad. Also, like at the part when Max turns the women into a dog, that was kind of stupid. But then again, surprisingly, people didn't have the eyes to notice anything.

Overall, having seen nearly all the WOWP episodes myself, I feel a bit sad because it's the end of the entire series. I loved the show and the movie. It was simply funny, charming and entertaining. To be honest, I wasn't expecting the movie to be that good but there's always a surprise waiting to happen in Waverly Place.

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Great action!, 24 October 2009

To be frank, I wasn't that keen on seeing this when it first aired on TV. My general expectations were that it was going to be another noisy robot action film. And how wrong was I? It was much more than that. In fact it was one of the best actions films I've ever seen.

I was never a Transformers fan because I got the idea from the TV series that it's just lame and cheesy. However from the movie's perspective, it brang the world of Transformers to a whole new level. Particularly why I loved it was because of the action. This obviously came from the destructive robots. They were simply amazing. My favourite was Bumble-Bee. Also, how they moved and transformed from cars to robots was well done. And not to mention the visuals/special effects. They were just out of this world.

The casting was superb. Shia and Megan were the perfect choice to play the roles of Sam and Mikaela. My only negative is their acting. They did some good performances but all of that needed a little more energy.

Overall, as I've already typed, this was one of the best action films I've ever seen. Great effects, great entertainment and great action.

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