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Entrance (2012)
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Yes, its boring as heck, 7 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just to end the "debates" about this movie being good or not, I'm just going to say it how it is. This movie is 90% showing how the character is just a "normal girl" living a "normal life" while the final 10% is a slasher flick. The build up of the movie, the 90% as mentioned above, cannot even be classified as "thriller" as nothing whatsoever is going on. The movie does make you think a little bit, more than most mindless horror movies, but in general it severely lacks depth, which makes it hard to get into. On the plus side, it seems like a group of friends made this movie, as you can see the overlapping producers, actors and writers etc., so good luck to them. A negative point, why is the camera in this movie always being held by a jittery cameraman? Don't they have a tripod?

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One of the best anime's out there!, 26 September 2011

I am not an avid anime fan, but I have enjoyed a number of anime series and movie such as Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Akira to name a few. Death Note definitely ranks among the top of the animes.

Death Note provides interesting characters, a believable world, and an intriguing plot with smart twists and ideas. The uniqueness of this series stems from its "sherlock holmes" style story. Featuring good and bad forces battling it out through mind games, deception and even with the use of outer dimension beings to manipulate or save the world.

This series is only 37 episodes and is easily watchable over the course of a couple of weeks to a month. If you are an anime fan and considering watching this, then go for it, your in for a treat.

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Twisted Hilarious Snapshot of contemporary Britain, 26 August 2009

When people ask me what its like to live in England, I might even ask them first if they have seen monkey dust before. But to be honest, I think this fantastic series has been somehow hidden away from most people.

With only a handful of seasons, each one containing various characters with unusual flaws and twists. Not forgetting the great artwork, with each sketch featuring a different design technique and a whole variety of artists.

The comedy is top notch, I would say that the vast majority of the sketches are spot on. If you are British, or have any connection with the UK, I highly recommend, otherwise, I recommend highly! 9/10, highly entertaining series which grows on you.

Election (1999)
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"Intelligent High School Satire" to say the least, 26 August 2009

I couldn't think were this movie would lose points. With a very good cast, who mainly have been popularised in weaker movies, create an all round classic 90's comedy.

This gem of a film is quite subtle, with fantastic build up to laugh out loud funny situations using fresh ideas. The foresight of the writers is applaudable.

The theme is the intertwining lives of the main candidates of a high school election including the life of the teacher who moderates the situation. The small actions which this teacher performs do not go without reprocutions.

Extremely well written, original script, executed greatly. A perfect movie if your in the "I don't know what i feel like watching tonight" mood.


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A series for your collection, 18 August 2009

This is a fantastic series revolving around the life of two intelligent black youths in America, living at their odd grandfathers house. The Bookdocks offers 2 seasons of entertaining, thought-provoking, funny and even quotable episodes.

I wouldn't normally use the description "black youths living in America" but leaving that out would not do justice to the series and what it stands for. The series offers contemporary ideas on the American lifestyle, through interesting characters, delivered from a unique point of view. It is difficult to go into detail without diving into a description of my favorite episode.

Keeping in mind that the series attracted big names such as Samuel L. Jackson, but as my philosophy stands, what is a good actor without a good script? These 2 seasons are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Highly recommended!

"It" (1990)
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What Nightmares are Made From, 28 July 2009

Stephen King's It is one of his greatest accomplishments in my eyes.

I saw this movie when I was pretty young, as my older cousin use to tell me and my brother small stories from it to scare us. We eventually watched it, and it took me years to get rid of the horrible clown thoughts!

This is a two part film, one looking at the past of the main characters stories and relationships, along with their experiences with Pennywise the Dancing Clown, leaving the second part reviving the disbanded group, who are now adults, and after many years they have pledged they must do something about the evil clown!

This intriguing story takes place in Maine, a typical location for Stephen King. The ingenious idea behind It, the clown, is immense, his "power" you could say, is that he feeds on the biggest fears of his victims. This all powerful evil creature torments those who have fear inside them, and they are open like a book to him. Like many other of King's works, the story seems like any one could do it. But in true King fashion, he executes his story with great ideas, good build up and scares at the right time, making it a believable and enjoyable movie to watch.

A fantastic TV movie which does not disappoint, however as it is a TV movie, it does feel at times to drag on a little bit, perhaps it is best watched in two sittings. This is a film I guarantee I will watch another few times in my life time. The only disappointment is the conclusion of the story, as it just doesn't satisfy the expectations created from a great plot and character development. Therefore I award this classic film a 7/10, which in my eyes, will only go higher with time.

Tim Curry gives a fantastic performance, a real benchmark for horror movies.

1408 (2007)
Intense; King and Cusack create timeless movie., 28 July 2009

A climactic film which seemed to only get better and better and scarier and scarier as it went along. As soon as it finished it felt like a ride was over, this movie was very intense to watch, I couldn't look away for a second.

Definitely one of Stephen King's scariest short stories translated into a screenplay. The whole way through I could just imagine how the book would be, and how they thought to adapt it into a movie. However I do not think I have the guts to read the book!

This intense film is carried out pretty much inside room 1408, in the posh New York hotel named "Dolphin", following a small time writter of novels such as "10 Most Haunted Hotels" and "10 Most Haunted Graveyards." Which leaves the heavy burden on the acting skills of John Cusack and the writing of Stephen King. As mentioned, King executed the story immaculately, the character introductions are intriguing and not forgetting the great performance from Samual L. Jackson, who manages to set up the scenario impeccably. This film reminded me what a high quality actor John Cusack is, maybe the best I've seen him. I was told by my brother that he has this skill, he is just always given "John Cusack" roles. After watching the film I am definitely going to re-watch High Fidelity and also one of King's other scariest movies, the notorious It.

As the story progresses, it would seem only a certain number of events could occur in a hotel room. My friends, this could not be further from the truth. Despite expecting the next scare, it was always a surprise, and while one part of me was on the come down from the previous scare, it only seemed to get freakier. I found myself breathing heavily and thinking "what else could possible happen? how can it get scarier than that??" only to be thinking the same thought 15 minutes later after the next scene.

An excellently written story executed immaculately on the big screen. Highly recommended for a scary night in.