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enjoyable despite Charlton Heston, 17 January 2003

This is a well directed and enjoyable story which captured my attention from the beginning.The cast are effective and there are some neat twists.It looks stunning at times and there is a sense of theatrical sets ( it is based on a stage play) which add another dimension to the visual style. Unfortunately the producers have cast Charlton Heston as Sherlock Holmes and he hampers the credibility of the production.Not because he is a bad actor..far from it.Unfortunately his accent suggests that he comes from that part of the UK known only to American actors and he lacks the sensitivity and intensity that I expect of Holmes. Worth catching on TV

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appalling travesty of a Bond movie, 17 January 2003

James Bond is past his sell by date.The problem can no longer be resolved by inserting a younger actor into the lead role.Bond no longer has any place in the world as this witless,unfocussed movie proves. Neither the writers or director have any confidence in Bond or themselves and allow the script to shudder to a halt and do an about face several times. Pierce Brosnan is too old to play Bond now but the failure of the film doesn't rest entirely on his slender shoulders.I doubt that even Connery could save this sub standard effort with a weak cast,lousy derivative script and appalling direction. Add Madonna and an invisible car to the mix and its a long and painful two hours. Avoid. 1 out of ten