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I don't see what's so wrong about it, 27 December 2009

Many of the critics hate this movie because they thought Guy Ritchie (or whoever the director is) had misinterpreted Sherlock Holmes terribly. They thought they've chosen the wrong cast, and hopefully no Sherlock Holmes 2.

Well, I thought it was fine. That was Guy Ritchie's idea: to make a different interpretation of Sherlock Holmes instead of that old, deerstalker-capped detective, and tried to depict a more modern, more heroic type of Sherlock Holmes.

The movie was very exciting, and all the action made me spill all my popcorn onto the theater floor, but who noticed.

This is a must-see, only when you feel like the time to see some Sherlock

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Just a Perfect Waste of Film: Go Home, Talking Chipmunks, 24 December 2009

You've all seen or heard of the first film, Alvin and the Chipmunks. My suggestion is that they shouldn't have even made a sequel, or in this case, a sqeakuel. Last film was fine: a group of talking chipmunks found and made famous.

When I went to watch this at a pre-screening, it was awful: my cousin was asleep, and I was just crying to get out of the theatre.

Now, the storyline is awful: those talking chipmunks go to school, and face against some other talking chipmunks in this band contest. In my opinion, I thought that was a really weak storyline.

However, this is just a perfect film for small kids. Lessons taught about being considerate to others, being kind, and those other lessons.

But as entertainment, I'd rather have watched Barney.