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Polish Bar (2010)
Ben Berkowitz is a hot young director to watch for, 11 May 2012

Ben Berkowitz is a rising director to be watched. This is only his second feature, and it is stunning! A gritty tale told with heart and soul! His casting choices are nothing short of brilliant (a mix of seasoned actors and star turns by young ones), and his script and cinematography are impeccable. Saw this at Toronto's Jewish Film Festival. I am a 25-year veteran of film festivals, and this work was riveting! It is also good to see something shot in the streets of Chicago...don't know why this city isn't used more as a location for film shoots. God knows it is very "photogenic". It would be a shame if the politics of distribution were to send this gem of a film straight to video, 'cause that would be a travesty!

Ben, if you read this review, I introduced myself to you at the Bloor cinema post-screening and told you that you have a brilliant career ahead of you. I also have a friend here in Toronto who is a mystery writer and may be on the lookout for a hot director like you to turn his books to screen. I've told him about you already.

Frank Vetere Toronto, Canada