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Wonderful show demonstrating how to be smart...upstairs!, 23 July 2009

The Real Hustle is a great show!! It's for all audiences ESPECIALLY Adults! The Real Hustle is a reality show about three con artists/tricksters who are surrounded by hidden cameras to that you the viewer can observe how you can be easily be conned of your money an belongings so that when it happens to you, you went let it happen! Jess, a sexy woman who can easily fool any man into giving her some money just by her stunning looks, Alex, the actor who confuses anyone with his stories and Paul, the brains behind all the scams really! The real hustle is for demonstrating what a stranger could come up to you and say something politely however with other intentions, be it in the street, at a restaurant or who knows, maybe even at the front door of your own house! The message that these three tricksters are attempting to convey is - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

-Alfie Muttimos (Timoes)

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One of my Funniest movie watched!, 16 July 2009

I swear I freaking loved this movie! I tried not too laugh so hard cause am on headphones and I'd look like a freak just laughing by myself but I couldn't stop myself! Anyone who says this movie sucks or just a totally completely negative comment on the film, as in the whole movie, is just a plain HATER! Guyz, I recommend for all to watch just not too young 13 year old's and above. Oh and wouldn't want to watch around your parents/guardians cause there're some scenes in which it shows Adam Sandler's/THE ZOHANS ass and one of this lady who he ends up living with and Banged her at some point. Anyway guys, if you haven't watched it yet, Stop Wasting time!!