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The Machine (2013/I)
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Simple, elegant, fantastic!, 14 June 2014

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It's been a while since I've seen anything this good and original. What a great movie this was.. Good story, so easy to understand and so beautiful; a machine to love a human.. oh boy, i didn't expect that, it really struck me, I got really emotional, and i never do, the actors were very good, especially Caity Lotz playing Ava. 10 out of 10, this movie is a keeper, I'm going to watch it every time i have the chance. I heard this movie is a low budget. Well.. i couldn't tell, it had a strong story/vision, better than any 100 million dollars Hollywood movies; the soundtrack was great too. If you're a cyberpunk fan, this is the movie for you. It's just beautiful!

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Garbage, 2 December 2009

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This movie is one of the worst movies out there, even a low budget B-movie is better, much better than this one. Or is it really a low budget movie ? Cause most of the scenes are in the forest, anyway..

I couldn't even laugh at its stupidity. It made me sad and disgusted. They should pay us to see it, not we.

It has very bad acting. Some scenes don't have logics. Has cheesy romance. The special effects a 10 year old can make them better and the list goes on..

Here is the summary: Bella talks, talks, talks and does nothing, then Edward talks, talks, talks and then they go in the forest and they talk some more. Then he leaves and she starts crying. Jacob shows off his pecs and the girls start screaming, then he transforms into a giant wolf and goes all horny for Bella. Edward meanwhile thinks Bella is dead for some reason, whatever and wants to die, but Bella of course arrives just in time and saves him. They kiss and he asks to marry him. Suddenly the end.

Stay away from it! it will hurt, believe me.