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Best seen while sipping Chivas Regal on ice in a paper cup, 7 February 2006

The US Army post theater at Caserma Passalacqua in Verona Italy played one film a night changing the bill twice a week. We often got films late that were popular & bad films immediately. I remember a scene that had Constance allegedly in a gondola in Venice against a very bad rear projection. Since we were stationed less than 100 miles from there that scene got lots of cat calls from my similarly inebriated Army buddies. All of us had carried our drinks from the NCO club which made even the worst film entertaining.

The coming attractions were probably the best films shown since they generated a sense of anticipation whereas the films we saw were soon over and the buzz wore off.

The films that got the best reception were such masterpieces as Beach Blanket Bingo.

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An innocent nudie flick with a memorable song: Let's Go Sunnin', 15 January 2003

At 11 I was the youngest member of Local B22 of the Theatrical and Stagehands Union in Seattle who worked at the El Rancho Drive-in Theater between Auburn and Kent in Washington State. The Honey Drive-in Theater chain booked this film into our little farm-community where it was a real cause celebre. The family had a council to determine if I would work as a speaker repairman that week. It was determined that a little T & A would not harm me. I had great status with my junior high school buddies for having seen the film not once but twice a day for a week. The chain never booked a nudie film in our theater again.

There was a song called "Let's Go Sunnin'" which I inadvertently memorized and can sing, poorly, to this day. The song was resurrected in a commercial for the San Diego Visitor's Bureau that played throughout the Northeast USA during at least 1998 through 2000.