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No-Brainer done very well, 9 November 2003

It's a complete no-brainer, as I described above, the story is blatantly obvious from the start, more like a 30 minute cartoon I suppose, but the action and one-liners are an enjoyable experience, and the cgi and fight scenes are great. It's great for a visit to the cinema or to rent, especially for the kids, but you'll be forgetting it in a few months.

Story - 2/5 but with the experience in mind - 3.5/5

Margery and Gladys (2003) (TV)
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Who would of thought?, 9 November 2003

The pairing of Penelope Keith and June Brown seemed a bit strange to me, but as there seemed to be nothing else on that night, I watched this, and I'm glad I did.

P.K. and J.B. worked their 'unlikely ladies double act' off perfectly, with Penelope's slightly snobbish employer of June's cleaner character. Going around the country accidentally avoiding the police and leaving a trail of crimes when they were innocent of any crimes to start with.

A funny ITV comedy-drama (I normally hate ITV dramas - heartbeat etc..) that I would love to see again, or more unlikely partnerships perhaps?


Identity (2003)
Great Film - Decent Plot, 16 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well.... If you expect something along the lines of 'Urban Legends' or 'I know what you did last Summer', then you'll be disappointed, because they are crap, equally, if you want something with as good a plot and twist as 'Usual Suspects', you will be closer to the mark, but not as good. The storyline doesn't explain itself at all until late in the film, so if you want a narrative that will carry you along with the plot - tough. It does grip you so that you want to know why 10 (maybe spoiler - ooops 11 people.......) are stranded at a motel, and are being killed off one by one. Don't listen to these people that say it is paper thin/weak as they wouldn't be impressed by anything. Once you know why they are there, you still want to know what will happen. Blimey this is hard to explain - JUST GO AND WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Cinema only film definitely!!!!

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Finally....., 16 June 2003

Finally a comedy that they haven't shown the only funny jokes in the trailer (although the dog is great!!). Jim Carrey does his job well. Decent film, not bad jokes, but it's no classic. A good 'couple's date' type film, that's all. 7/10!!!

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Eat your heart out candid camera...., 6 March 2003

Dom Jolly, what can you say? He thinks of the stupidest things to do........... and does them. Never has someone acting so dumb (but still being extremely intelligent) been so funny. The exterminator coming round to get rid of the rat, only to find a man dressed in a giant rat suit reading a paper, and also interviewing Peter Stringfellow while unloading giant boxes of "Peter Stringfellow's Musk" and g-strings etc. in the background, the list goes on. If you think getting the DVD will make it annoying, think again - the commentary makes it more hilarious as Dom gives you the details of their antics and any problems etc. and it makes the scenes even more hilarious.


"In Deep" (2001)
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Brilliant, 6 March 2003

The usual quality of BBC police dramas is questionable. They are either depressing (e.g. Messiah) or just plain awful and unbelievable (e.g. Mersey Beat). In Deep gets the mix just right. It doesn't go too far with gadgets, action, abilities of the main characters etc.. but has the right amount to keep you enthralled without going into "yeah - right" territory. I didn't believe Nick Berry could pull it off (I loathe Heartbeat) but he produces a great performance every episode.

The stories are written very well, with twists and turns, humour, drama and action. It is split into two episodes per story, and the suspense that grips you between episodes means that you are sat in front of the tv well in advance to make sure you don't miss it.

If you haven't seen it yet. Do so.