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Ahh sweet childhood memories., 5 May 2004

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'North or south, East or West The Quest To save the land of Pelamar'

Through The Dragon's Eye is a classic children's story about the adventures of a the 3 children who are painting a dragon in a playground until it comes to life and takes them in to the troubled land of Pelamar where the power source the Veetacore has exploded and must be repaired. On the way they get into all sorts of magical adventures on their way to repairing the Veetacore with Rody the enormous mouse and Boris the green man who lived with Doris the purple woman and Morris the orange man. This takes me right back to 1994 and primary school. We sat and watched excited every week at what was going to happen next. A classic tale which should be become essential viewing in every primary classroom.

Hellraiser (1987)
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Poor., 5 May 2004

I can't understand why 'Hellraiser' is so highly rated as a horror film. I think it is the lamest excuse for a fright flick you can get. It is just boring and lacks any real scares, poor attempts at scares include the use of violence and gore and the alleged star of the show Pinhead is about as scary as Fireman Sam!!! The Cenobites look like fat things from a Viz magazine and some of the acting is just awful. Personally I enjoy horror films such as Elm Street and Scream but Hellraiser is just totally pants. If you're looking for a genuinely scary horror film go for 'Nightmare on Elm Street' or Scream but Hellraiser should be avoided a very poor attempt at a fright flick.

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Utter dross., 4 May 2004

'Chewin The Fat' was bad enough without those galoots Hemphill and Kiernan producing another show which can only be described as appallingly bad and another bomb for comedy in Scotland. Not only is these two idiots interpretation of grumpy old codgers stupid and plainly irritating but like 'Chewin The Fat' it fails to give any laughs of a remote nature and must make people from England or America shake their heads and think how lucky they are they come from somewhere which can actually amuse audiences. Unbelievably a new series is coming and now there is talk about it going global. I dread to think what America would think of such rubbish. I know the English have seen it but to be honest it's hard to see anyone with any sense enjoying such crap. Don't watch.

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Great cartoon, 4 May 2004

'Heathcliff, Heathcliff no one should, terrify the neighbourhood' that was the theme song to Heathcliff, the classic 80's cartoon which starred the troublesome feline who lived in the Nutmeg family and just like the title song said 'terrified the neighbourhood'. This is one of my favourites from my childhood, I remember it was on in the morning on Channel 4 and I would watch it then. It is a classic cartoon which has always been great fun to watch even now though it has been off for something like 17 years. I don't know if it is still available on VHS but if it is I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good cartoon show. A great cartoon for people of all ages.

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Truly awful., 4 May 2004

If you read some of my reviews you'll see I have taken the odd swipe at British comedy shows. However Scotland doesn't help matters either. Never has this land produced good comedy. I can not see how the English or Americans can enjoy these shows. There was the awful 'Naked Video' followed by 'Rab C Nesbitt' then this, an absolutely god-awful show with few laughs and done by EXTREMELY annoying people in Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill. An example of how unfunny this show is a joke I heard on New Year's Eve 'I'm a violent psychopath!! I've just murdered my wife Can I get a car?' I fail to see what is remotely amusing about murdering your wife and being a psychopath. A dreadful show which shows just how bad Scotland is at producing good comedy.

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Dross rubbish. Gives Americans a bad name, 6 February 2004

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of all things American but when this appalling piece of garbage is aired, it's no wonder people get a wrongly negative view of America and its people. Pointless in the extreme, all you get is 'bleep' this 'bleep' that, constant violence and threats over subjects which are totally trivial and hosted by a man who could not run a children's Sunday afternoon picnic let alone a chat show. Hopefully it will be cancelled soon so that the world can finally realise America is a great country with great people.

Classic, 27 January 2004

Although I wasn't born when this show aired I still find a hysterical work of genius. Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson and Nigel Planer are great and the show was consistently funny and enjoyable throughout the 2 series. So if you haven't seen it do so when you get the chance. A classic

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Hold this in your arms then let it go for good!!!, 26 January 2004

Dreadful in its first run and even worse second time round. Why did they chose to dig this up from the dead. It looked as if this show was gladly gone for good but no they dug it up again and it was no better, typical rubbish Aussie acting and stupid stories. Get rid of it again and this time for good!!

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Should have been axed long before it was, 20 January 2004

No wonder the world gets a negative view of the Scots when they watched this poor excuse for a programme. So bleak and downright miserable it was depressing and the acting and dialogue was senseless and like every other soap involved nothing but people having a war of words. Luckily they axed it 12 years later than they should have. Good riddance!!!

"Bottom" (1991)
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Hilarious comedy from one of the best double acts around., 20 January 2004

Bottom is one of the funniest comedies created. Every time I watch it I can't help but laugh hysterically at the antics of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson who are the best double act British comedy has ever produced. Violent, crude loud and hilarious. A must see

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