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Great movie, forgot the trollers here., 20 February 2012

This movie lacks what it takes to take an Oscar Award, lacks the sensitivity and depth....blah blah blah, forget all that noise...go see the movie with your kids they would love it.

This movie is for Kids, and parents who have kids. I took my daughter to see it today in 3D. Excellent visual effects, entire movie had effects, you did not take your glasses off at all or you'd miss the next 3d effect that is right around the corner. The cast was good, The Rock was great and jokes were funny, this movie was child safe and had everything that your young one would want, lots of effects, action, above and underwater. I would definitely recommend it in 3D. The pace of movie is fast and if you have kids can appreciate this.

I rated this movie for what it is...a kids movie. Are you going to leave the theater discussing the virtues of Plato? NO! but your kids will be going on about this and that in the movie. Worth Admission? Absolutely. Asked my daughter what she rated it....9.5 she said. Was it worth it? When your child says 9.5 what the heck else matters?????

Black (2005)
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Oscar winner all the way, 30 July 2005

After reading some of the other posts some saying it deserves an Oscar and some saying it deserves but will not get. I say this one will be an Oscar winner in my books. Indian movie or not, it makes no difference to me. This is my first Indian movie I have watched in about 15 years. It had everything you look for in a movie, it takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, character depth, great acting, excellent cinematography and great direction. I agree it may not get an Oscar (not that it does not warrant it), but because of other factors (read as not made in Hollywood;-)). After seeing other Hollywood movies that have (imo) undeservedly received Oscars (ie: The Hours) it would be a shame to see Black not receive one. I am not comparing the content or subject matter of the above two movies, just the ability to do what I think a Oscar winning movie should accomplish...move me, provoke me to discussion, entertain me. Black in my opinion is pure Gold.

I have the DVD and I highly recommend this movie. Not to be taken as light entertainment though..this movie weighs on you like a 500 pound stone from start to finish.

Enjoy, Tosh

The Hours (2002)
Wasted hours, 14 January 2003

I agree with Time magazine. Easily the worst movie of the year. If you wish to waste hours, then watch this movie. I would have rather have root canal than watch this.

Nicole Kidman is batting 0 for 2...Eyes Wide Shut and now this...don't get me wrong the acting job in this movie was well done but the script is more for those who wish to make more of movies than it really is. You can try to read into all those scenes, the meaning of this and the meaning of that...sorry...cant get around it was a bad movie.

Was hoping for more (or less hours)