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my personal favourite xmas movies
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They might be over 40 (some more than others) but they are still smoking hot! (some might be only considered as personal preferences lol)
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a list of 24 titles
films, tv series etc
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in no particular order.
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Actors & actresses whos voices are truly perfect for comedy roles. In no particular order & ive probably missed out a lot, but these are my personal favourites.
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everyone else seems to have a 'favourite actor' list so i thought id make one aswell.
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To be honest im one of those people that usually needs to be shocked to be impressed, & these films would easily make it in2 my top 100 films. in no particular order
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My list of personal favourites of films with two or more sequels & which one i think is the superior title.
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Hes known for his comedy roles but he as also starred in some less well known & underrated movies in which he shows he can play different roles.
a list of 15 titles
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please tell me your opinions & who your choices would be
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whether it be because of the characters they have played or because thet are an unbelievable douche, these are a list of actors i would like to curbstomp.
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One of my favourite actors of all time.
a list of 8 characters
these characters really get on my nerves
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a list of 10 titles
a list of 21 characters
in no particular order ( except maybe no.1 )
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Films i either loved as a kid or more recently.
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some of my fave films with some really hard hitting scenes. In no particular order