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Overly done but just wouldn't end, 14 December 2014

Much like a tired prostitute downtown this movie tried too hard but got nowhere. The story, while not inherently bad, was non-descript and reasonably predictable from the movie summary listed online. Somehow it still took 3 hours to squeeze in every possibly ounce of tired tropes. Guy has money. Guy likes drugs and women. Guy progresses through a typical set of circumstances from that point forward. Why this movie has received this degree of celebration and praise is beyond me. Halfway through you don't notice nudity or drugs because it blends into the background. While I can respect that as an artistic choice in this case it just seemed like they added a half cup too many boobs, and a tablespoon too much coke to the film recipe and no one had the heart to tell them. After an hour I started watching the clock, wondering how much longer they could stretch this story out. It's very, very rare that after a movie I have that feeling of frustration at an evening wasted. In this case I can resoundingly say that I wasted my night on this particular movie.

Sicko (2007)
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So biased it is hard to trust any single statement, 24 October 2013

This movie is obnoxious. It is blatantly attempting to dumb down the health care systems of a few countries to the degree that the average American is supposed to understand. Some of the things covered in the film are accurate, others are partial truths at best, however they are presented as absolute fact. The pathetic pandering to the emotions of those foolish enough to believe everything Moore presents is frustrating. This is NOT anything I could recommend that someone watch, even to begin understanding health care systems. This is presented as a documentary but is frustratingly far from accurate. For those who cannot be bothered to research these systems on their own this is believable. I even agree with some of the premise (in terms of health care being a fundamental human need that a modern and economically stable country should provide their people). Moore then stoops to where he is comfortable, making it an emotional plea without putting much actual concrete fact into the production. He spent more time on annoying music, needlessly dramatizing certain areas he wished to highlight, than he did with actual comparisons.

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I wanted to like it so very much, 27 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can genuinely say I wanted to like this movie. I saw an initial preview and thought the premise had massive potential. Anything drawing from real-life events has the potential to be truly creepy. Unfortunately this particular movie failed on so many levels. They missed the teeny- bopper audience by pulling from a historical context from before their birth but still made it too poorly thought out for adults. It missed both audiences, barely.

My favorite character was the first to die and most of the remaining people wound up being frustratingly stupid. Beyond the basic "don't go in there" thought process that usually is in a Horror flick this one was just painful. I'm trying to word this without actual blatant spoilers but there was one scene that was my favorite for it's stupidity. I know it was supposed to create tension but the scene when some of them are standing and talking about everything around them (completely obliviously) then the movement in the back drop. I busted out laughing... along with 3/4 of the audience. This movie does set itself up really well for a spoof.

The story was severely flawed but it wasn't so much the dialog as the actual storyline. The scenery was great, and overall the casting was fine. They had SO much potential and threw it away. The first half of the movie was engaging, the "horror" element was poorly done, then it was magically wrapped up in the end. It was not well thought out and will not be a movie I ever suggest to any one I actually like.

Balto (1995)
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Just plain bad, 3 January 2010

I'll be perfectly honest, when I saw this movie back in '95 (at the ripe old age of 8) I loved it, thought it was wonderful and since then I've remembered it as such. To this day I'm still the person who goes and sees family or kids movies opening weekend, they tend to be my favourites. When I re-watched this movie today however, I thought it was just sad. For several reasons. The first was that overall the movie was cheesy and fairly predictable. (I'm not talking so much about the story line because clearly I've seen it before) both the person I watched this with, who had never seen this film, and I cringed throughout the movie at some of the more cheesy lines, actions or phrases. That is what I thought of this movie today, after not seeing it for 15 years. Then there is the whole "based on a true story" load of crap. This is so far removed from the real story that it shouldn't even be considered based on it whatsoever. In the real story Balto was part of a sled team (and a Siberian Husky, I won't say pure-breed because I really don't know, they have him stuffed in the Cleveland museum and he looks fairly different from todays pure huskies, but I know the breed has changed a lot over time) There were several teams making that run and one other dog (a lead dog on another team) was much more heroic and more impressive overall in my opinion and his name was Togo, he's in the Wasilla museum. That's a whole other story though, I suppose. Bottom line, Balto was one of the dogs who ran, as part of a team, and he was a brave and heroic dog. He was one of many, several dogs died trying to get the medication to Nome and he happened to be the lead dog on the team that had the part of the run where they pulled into town. Luck of the draw. This story is so amazing and dramatic on it's own without creating a whole new story it saddens me to see how far from the truth this one is. I know that when I saw the movie when I was 8 I thought it was accurate (aside from the animated aspect, that the story itself was real) so it bothers me to see yet another amazing story distorted because, well, I'm not sure why. Because someone didn't feel like trying to tell the real one. Even with just keeping to the part with Balto, forgetting all the other men and dogs, it would have been a much different -though no less heartwarming or amazing- story.

Be Cool (2005)
Different than the first, but no less entertaining, 9 March 2005

I saw this movie last night and was not disappointed. I found it interesting and worth going to see it. I liked the first (Get Shorty) and so was expecting a fair amount from this movie. I went with a couple who had not seen Get Shorty and until we sat down were unaware that it was even a sequel. Despite that we all enjoyed it and were each able to find things to laugh at and relate to. Be Cool had a little bit of a different feel than Get Shorty, so die hard fans of the first one may be a little upset with the differences in tone and all. However keep in mind that there was a different director for Get Shorty than there was for Be Cool. Bottom line, it's worth seeing even if you have not see the first one go see this one.

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Different than expected --Spoiler free!--, 5 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the first movie I expected more action,excitement and adventure. Don't expect that from this movie, while there is definitely more plot there is less to actually keep your interest.

Honestly I don't like Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst cast as Spiderman and Mary-Jane, they are certainly big enough names but they aren't the characters that they are trying to play.

One thing I did not like about this movie was the way the beginning and end (mostly beginning) were awesome and the middle was a bunch of twaddle. True you do see more history, more background and more set-up for future Spiderman movies but I'd rather read it and be able to picture it that way than have someone ruin it by dragging it way out with actors that don't know the character.

Something I did like, however, James Franco was as Harry. He played the part well, you can see and almost feel the struggle that he's going through. Or maybe I just think he's cuter that Maguire. (by a lot) At any rate,

Doc. Ock. was great along with Aunt May, (you do see more of her).

All in all, to Spiderman fans: be prepared, know what to expect so as not to be disappointed.

To the rest of America: go see it with a friend, that way if you're bored out of your mind at some point in the middle and looking at your watch isn't helping you can make faces at each other and still have fun!


It was good if..., 20 February 2003

All right, I'll spell it out I liked it. The actors fit their roles, the action was well thought out and performed the story-line was interesting. BUT it wasn't original, an original holds you in suspense till the credits roll because you don't know what is going to happen, this was minimally predictable. I might buy it because it WAS well done but I have seen better movies. The story-line while better than some was one that has been "used" in a variant or two before, not exactly but guy meets girl, guy not interested in girl, falls for her and decides to help anyway, things blow up, bad guys die, credits roll. Obviously there is more to it than that but you'd have to see it to know it. Go see it, rent it, but watch it, it is a pretty good movie