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If you think there are any recommendations you can make based on my taste, please tell me.
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Movies that are actually funny, and have actually made me laugh out loud.
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These are the best of the documentaries I've seen, please suggest others I might like based on these!
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These are films I was expecting greatness from, but instead found disappointment. The films may have been good, but my expectations were not met.
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They make films you can't help but love.
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The best Hollywood has to offer :)
With a list of their top three (imo) films
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The absolute best in female talent
And their top three films (imo)
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2011 has a million good movies coming out (or that have come out) these are just my preferences.
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There have been phenomenal actors and actresses as long as movies have been made, but I would like to point out several of the best in the recent years. Please tell me if I have left anyone really important out. XXXX THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER XXXX
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Johnny Depp has a large body of work, but often times his fans can be disappointed by a particularly juvenile piece of work, or something less than his best. This list has his ten best performances.
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The 20 Best/Quirkiest characters ever written (that I've seen)