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Pure charm ... well, maybe not entirely pure, 11 January 2006

I was completely taken in by the charm and optimism of My Date With Drew, although the movie's critics hold generally far more cynical views about it. Many find this work creepy and unnerving because its star-director, Brian Herzlinger, manages to pull off some rather interesting stunts ...

But this movie is innocuous, really, and nothing either dangerous or sordid happens, here. At the heart of Herzlinger's work is a man who engages himself on a quest for emotional and material success, and I found it inspiring, quite frankly, to witness his journey.

One might admire or dislike Herzlinger, finding him either funny or creepy, but there's no denying that the man has chutzpah! Give credit where credit is due, for he's accomplished what few independents have in that he's gotten his movie made and distributed (and gotten us writing about it, as a result of that). Not too shabby, by any means.

Sleuth (1972)
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Two heavyweights going at it ..., 21 November 2005

The fun and spectacle of Sleuth is, I find, in watching these two great(est?) actors so invested and immersed in Anthony Schaffer's very clever play. Olivier and Caine - and, of course, Cawthorne - are masters of their craft, and to witness how they intertwine pomp and nuance (and at just the right moments under Mankiewicz's direction) is to see something very special.

I was blown away the first time I saw this movie by the twists and turns of the plot; now, though I know what's coming, I am equally affected by the quality of the acting and smartness of the direction. This is not one to be missed; I HIGHly recommend it.