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Cajun style justice!, 19 September 2016

This is the Deep South y'all. No, this isn't "Deliverance", this before "The Dukes of Hazzard", if you're in gator country, you're "'Gator Bait" if you are not prepared. Desiree (Claudia Jennings,1949- 79)is a barefoot poacher who knows the swamps since birth. She and her family have trapped alligators for years. Then a sheriff deputy and friend catches her in the act. They would chase her, and she outsmarted them. She sets a trap. They get it. The deputy gets freaked out. He shoots the snakes, but he accidentally shoots the friend. His father happen to be the sheriff. He lies to his father about the situation, and send the father of the deceased to look for her. The search party looks for Desiree. They found out the place where she lives, and attacked her brother and sister. After they killed the sister, it's a all out war on the search party. But secrets are exposed when the truth is out. And Desiree shows no mercy! Revenge is sweet. When you mess with Desiree, you're 'GATOR BAIT! This is a exploitation that is nice to see. Only the mature should watch it. If you like "Deliverance", you'll this movie as well. 3 out of 5 stars

More questions than answers!, 17 September 2016

If you're a detective, you should know about the clues, and wrap it up. In "Night Moves", it's not that simple. Gene Haman plays Los Angeles detective Harry Moseby. A P.I. who was once a football player who is assigned to retrieve a runaway (Melanie Griffith)from Florida. A simple job, right? Wrong. While in Florida, more mysteries are uncovered which makes the daughter want to go back to her mother. Once that mission was done, he goes on to the next assignment. However, he's not happy about what he has done. After discovering the downed plane in Florida, and meeting the mechanic(James Woods) earlier. After returning Delly (Griffith) to her mom, she was killed in a stunt car accident. Moseby heads back to Florida, only to find the mechanic dead in the water. Paula(Jennifer Warren) who tends the dolphins, explained what is in the plane. She and Tom were dealing with artifacts. One of them is worth a lot of money. Manipulation seems to be the key of this. This movie is like playing a game of chess, which I don't mind playing. A rare gem. Need to watch. A also a keeper. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

An Internationally Intriguing movie!, 17 September 2016

Gene Hackman really put his acting chops into good use. "The French Connection" is a intriguing, high octane crime story. Hackman plays Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle, a hard-boiled New York police detective whose actions can get him into heat with his superiors. While doing his duty to bust drug runners in New York, overseas in Marseilles France, a drug smuggler is being used to smuggle in heroin in Lincoln Continental Mark III. Following the testing of the drugs, the the gang would make the move on distribution. The French team also went to auto auctions to find repos, so they can get their drugs into the open. Back in the precinct, there is animosity between Doyle and another officer. And Doyle and his partner Russo (Roy Schieder) go after the leader. My favorite part of the movie is the chase. One of the smugglers gets on the subway metro and tries to elude Doyle. The guy kills a train cop and a brave passenger. While Doyle was hot on his trail, he avoids every danger the best way he can. After the metro is wrecked, and the car Doyle drives in done in, both men make the move. But Doyle gets the guy in one shot. Detectives are tenacious on finding something, when they have the Lincoln stripped down, the others couldn't find any drugs. But when Russo asked about the weight of the car, they missed a spot. After finding out where the drugs are hidden, the two accomplices would find the car and get back into the business. When the French hit man finds out there was more than what he was bargaining for, he went back to France, wanting out of the deal. Then the shootout ensures. Very epic. This is before I was even born, and it was a hit. I'm a New York native, and my father worked with the NYPD. This is a keeper for a very, very long time. Enjoy The French Connection! 5 Stars! Gene Hackman plays it best!

Crawlspace (1986)
Only the cautious minded should watch this, 3 September 2016

A good deal of living isn't a pain. Only if you see the signs of something that is too good to be true. In "Crawlspace", Klaus Kinship plays Karl Guenther, an apartment owner with a sinister secret. When Lori(Talia Balsam) answers his ad for a apartment for rent, she gets a show of the place, while Karl turned on the stove and sears his palm. She gets the place, and meets the neighbors. Unbeknownst to the others, Karl Guenther is also a voyeur. He spies on the lady tenants, and mentally seduces them. Earlier, Sophie(Tane) was being watched by not only Karl, but her boyfriend Hank (David Abbott). When they get acquainted, Karl watches them perform. When all the ladies have a "Sweet party", Karl devises his plan to crash it. He rigged a compartment for the rat to come in. All but Lori freak out. The big dirty secret of Karl is that he's a doctor; A Nazi doctor. He was responsible for killing 67 people in Argentina. One of the victims is the brother of the man who has tracked him down for 3 years. Following the footsteps of his father, he's sharing the ideology. Karl has added items to his collection. One of them is a woman whose tongue is cut out. The eyes of Sophie's boyfriend who had a standoff against in the second night, and the finger with the ring of from and resident's date. The standoff is tight. More like being in a labyrinth. This movie is like for scientists, history buffs, and what not. It's not for everyone, for horror buffs this is the one. 4 out of 5 stars

Ants (1977) (TV)
I love ants, but not that much!, 1 September 2016

Horror movies dealing with bugs can make your skin crawl. I've seen a lot of those types of movies. Some like spiders,roaches, and other household pests make you want to buy bug sprays. In "Ants", it makes you want to buy a lifetime supply of it. Here you have a construction crew working near an old hotel making an expansion to the place, and they get visited by an unscrupulous real estate magnate (Gerald Gordon) to buy the land so he can build a casino. However, unknown to the proprietor(Myrna Loy), they have a bigger problem. It's not the magnate, it's a pest problem that is nightmarish from the start. Earlier, two workers are in the pit, one gets bitten by the ants, and are accidentally buried by the loader. Normally, ant bites are not dangerous, but the ants here have became immune to pesticides due to years of exposure. After the deaths of the workers and the hotel chef, immediate action is taken. Since ants are smart enough to build bridges, everyone build a trench and fill it with gasoline, because they can't go through fire. Other non flying bugs could ever get over water. "Kingdom of the Spiders" was scary, "Bug" was scary, "Ants" was a little subtle. It can happen to anyone, and it might make someone to become an exterminator. All you need is research. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Disturbing!, 21 August 2016

Looking into the mind of a strangler is very dark and disturbing. In the streets of Los Angeles, that would be a nightmare. In "Don't Answer The Phone", just say, "You have been warned!" Kirk Smith(Nicholas Worth,"Darkman,1990" 1937-2007) is a former Vietnam War veteran who also does pornographic photography is also a strangler. He would pick up young women, strangle them, then have his way with the corpse. His next victims are patients of a radio psychologist/private therapist(Flo Lawrence). He stalks them, terrifies them, strangles them, and perform religious acts. Now two cops form a task force to capture or stop this maniac. The big break comes when Kirk carelessly leaves behind the portfolio near the victim's body. After meeting with an employer of pornographic shop owner, they realized they got their man. It is pretty obvious that they got the creep, it's a very good movie, not for everyone, but perfect for the enthusiasts of thriller movies. I consider this a cult classic. 4 out of 5 stars

Coming of age in its own right, 20 August 2016

I've seen a lot of coming of age movies, this one is no different. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" is a Mexican coming of age movie that is more brought out than most that I have seen. This movie also deal with political,social, and economic views that goes into the points of life. Here you have two friends, Julio(Gael Garcia Bernal) and Tenoch(Diego Luna) who just had sex with their girlfriends. The girlfriends go to Europe, while the best friends do different summer jobs. Bored, they fool around in-between. Then, they go to a wedding where they meet Lusia (Mariel Verdu), who is the wife of Tenoch's cousin. They talk about a secret beach. She balks at the offer. After the doctor visit and news of her husband's infidelity, she gets back with the boys' offer of finding the beach. They get a jalopy, drive around parts of Mexico, reminiscing of past relationships and experiences. When they stop at a hotel, Luisa leaves a message to her husband. While Tenoch come in her room asking for some shampoo, he finds her crying. However, after seeing her, she becomes enticed when he appears. She would seduce him intentionally. Julio discovered the situation, flies off in rage, after that, the two have an oral fisticuffs. Midway, Julio and Luisa do it in the back seat of the car. Equal justification. When they find the beach, they are able to put things behind. From the partying, swimming, and debauchery, all 3 were content. They leave without drama back home. They would later have new relationships, new friends, and new jobs. They later found out that Luisa has died of cancer. A new chapter in the making. A very powerful movie there. If you seen many coming of age films, start seeing more with impact. This movie has that! 5 Stars

An enjoyable gem!, 15 July 2016

After M*A*S*H started off in the big screen, Martin Scorsese, starts to make a hit movie which would pick up as a TV show years later. In "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", Alice Wyatt(Ellen Burstyn) is a housewife with dreams of being a big time singer gets deterred by many obstacles surrounding her. She was living in a town where she feels like she's getting nowhere in life. Her husband(Billy Green Bush) is everything but supportive in her wishes. She does gets a chance to get out of the town she was living in when her husband dies in a traffic accident. Her son Tommy(Alfred Lutter) is a handful. He is precocious, he talks non-stop, and he wants to try something he likes. After leaving New Mexico, Alice and Tommy head to Phoenix, Arizona to try out singing in bars. When that fell through, she heads to Tucson, and work at a diner owned by Mel Sharples(Vic Tayback). She meets Flo(Diane Ladd), the no-nonsense waitress who can hold her own in everything. Then there's the regular David(Kris Kristofferson) who is divorced, take interest in Alice. Her reluctance hinders her because of her past relationships with her husband and Ben(Harvey Keitel). David owns a ranch, and become a good influence on Tommy. Of course, Tommy is notorious for being bratty. You must overcome the obstacles in life, when you have positive people around, you can lose. Scorsese did a amazing job with this movie. And Ellen Burstyn does a spectacular job playing the role. This is a must see. 5 stars!

Breezy (1973)
Clint Eastwood's first non-starring film that deserves an Award!, 9 July 2016

Full of energy and prowess this movie is not disappointing. When you put up a nice cast of actors and actresses, you can't go wrong. William Holding is a divorced real estate broker who by chance meet a young woman named Breezy (Kay Lenz) who is a free- spirit, educated, and willing to take chances in life. On her side of the situation, she is from the East Coast. She was orphaned. Lost her parents in a car crash. She got away from the first ride because he creeped her out. When She went up a Hill, she sees the blue Lincoln. It belonged to Frank (Holding). They go to places. Come across a dog in the gutter. It gets nursed back to health. Then a relationship blossoms. Frank on the other hand lives with contempt for himself. Being around peers that are more negative than the hippies he sees. His ex- wife finds another man. While Breezy and Frank's relationship is met with criticism, Breezy fills Frank with positive input. Something that he really needs. In love, there are too many factors that can ruin it: Class, age, race, wealth status, etc. The truth is love has no boundaries. Live it up. What have you got to lose? I appreciate the movie well. It came out before I did. And I liked it very much. 5 stars.

It's totally "out of sight"!, 27 June 2016

Movies dealing with invisibility, is totally intriguing. I've seen Disney's "Now You See Him, Now You Don't", H.G.Wells' "The Invisible Man". And I remember the TV movie, "The Invisible Woman". In this movie, Steve Guttenberg plays a government worker who stumbled upon a small silver canister given to him by an invisible man. Before dying, the man gives information about who to meet with the canister. With the Russians and other 3rd world countries vying for the canister, Sam(Guttenberg) is over his head. Supposed to be getting married to his fiancée, Amanda(Morgan Most). In order to get away from the bad guys, he is assisted by her friend, Cindy (Lisa Langlois) who ended up being more understanding than Amanda. When Sam invests the formula, he experienced the state of being unseen. He gets his kicks at an all-girls academy by raising havoc. The funniest thing I've ever seen is when he accidentally spills the soda on the table, and sneak into the girls' shower to get a towel. After being caught by Cindy, they would eventually team up. Sam and Cindy go out and try to find the man who knows about the formula. The good news is that Sam is being helped by people around him. The bad news is that Amanda, Sam's own fiancée is part of the situation that he was clueless about. Even though this movie is not kid friendly, it's highly entertaining. Try to make this an adult film, and it will be disappointing. Because you won't be able to to see the action. Since this is a 3-D comedy, it's highly entertaining in every way. It was not a let down. 3 out of 5 stars.

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