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More intensifying, less star power, who cares what other people say about it?, 1 July 2014

The first "Joy Ride" film had star power in it. This sequel is filled with unknowns. To me, this movie focuses on the sadistic trucker, Rusty Nail(Mark Gibbon). He drives a Peterbilt, and he is one trucker you don't want to cross! One rainy night, Rusty Nail leaves a truck stop for some smokes, and a "lot lizard" tries to get some service. Little does she know, this was the wrong trucker to service. Freaked out by his requests, she tries to leave. A heads up that came too late! Then later, an engaged couple(Nicki Aycox and Nick Azano) are on their way to Las Vegas with her sister(Laura Jordan) and her punk boyfriend(Kyle Schmid). Along the way, the car breaks down, and they walk around to find service. They come across a house, and they find a 1971 silver Chevrolet Chevelle that is full of gas and ready to roll. After leaving the information behind to the owner, that's when the nightmare begins. After the foursome go into a diner, the fiancé is grabbed by the trucker, and the head games are ensured. Rusty Nail's demands are so high, about no one in the group could bear such torture. Like sending out a severed middle finger, or the fiancée do a striptease to a trucker who later wasn't Rusty Nail! I mean if anyone has someone of life meaning you would go to extremes to get him or her back. My major question is "Who is this Rusty Nail?" Better yet, "What is he?" If you thought "Duel" was spooky, this movie will make you think twice about hating truckers. 3.5 out of 5 stars

Intriguing and interesting at the same time!, 1 April 2014

Practical jokes are known to amaze and amuse people. They add fun and entertainment to liven up a very dull party. April 1st is known to the world as "April Fool's Day". In this movie, you have 9 friends from college going out to Spring Break on a island mansion. As everyone is getting ready for the getaway, disaster strikes. First, the ferry hand has a mishap roping in to dock the ferry. At the mansion, the soon to be heir Muffy(Deborah Foreman) has set up the place with some jokes of her own. The guests get a few laughs in the beginning, but things get a little more intense. One by one, the guest disappear. They either go missing, or worse, dead. With no way to contact anyone on the main land, the survivors take action. Seeing all the severed head in a well, things get really scary. With the last couple left, they make their last efforts to survive. All of a sudden, everyone in the mansion are all right! What's going on? It turned out that some of the guests were part of the joke. "APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!" So there's no slasher in the film, the whole thing is a joke. Well if you are a "sorehead", I would not want you to see this film. Especially, if you can't take a joke. I was amused.

Malone (1987)
Appreciative movie by Burt Reynolds, 25 March 2014

Here's another movie that should be a great hit. "Malone" is a movie that should be recognized with. He plays the title character who leaves no trace of his whereabouts when he relocates. He goes into town where it's nearly gone. It's being bought up by a man who not only buying out the town, but is involved in a dark political conspiracy. Malone(Reynolds) was driving west when his Mustang breaks down. He stays in the service station that doubles as a small house with a guest room. In the morning, the daughter(Cynthia Gibb) snoops in his belongings, to find a gun. Then both Malone and the attendant's daughter go into town. Only to be confronted by the thugs. Malone would neutralize the big one(Dennis Burkley, 1945-2013). That act caused the brother to get even. However, he ended up dead by Malone's gun. Infuriated, the sheriff brings in Malone which draws the main leader out to meet him for the first time. While the car was being worked on, Malone has hidden a shotgun behind the gas tank which comes in handy the next day. Two more hit men come to look for Malone. He takes care of them as well. Only the second one wounds him before meeting his end in a explosion. News of his injury call out his former partner(Lauren Hutton, they did "Gator" years earlier) to put him in a safe house for the time to later catch up with each other. The group that was taken over the town made a huge mistake when they killed her. That act makes Malone go on the hunt. I'll say that it is a great movie. Highly recommend for all the Burt Reynolds fans out there. 3 out of 5 stars.

Airplane! (1980)
Hilarious!, 19 March 2014

This movie was a must see back when it first came out. "Airplane!" is just a barrel of laughs. Robery Hays who was doing "Angie" at that time, plays a former fighter pilot whose traumatic experiences causes him to not hold a decent job. His girlfriend(Julie Hagerty) leaves him for it. Her job is a flight attendant heading for Chicago. On board a Boeing 707, Ted(Hayes) tried his best to win her back. On the plane in Los Angeles, different passengers board with a lot of personalities to boost. From the jive talkers, to the girl with the IV(Jill Whelan) which the singer keeps knocking out of her arm. When the food poisoning outbreak hits, every one goes into panic. Then there's this one woman who is freaking out, everyone have something to beat some sense into her. I mean literally! Though there were some things that are not kid friendly, it wasn't that bad. When Ted hears about the pilot and copilot downed by the food poisoning, he is reluctant to fly the plane. When his former commander(Robert Stack), talks to him, he follows orders one last time. He gets to land the plane safely, and his girlfriend takes him back. What more do you want? Great movie, the Zuckers and Abrahams did a gem that will last for a lifetime! 4 out of 5 stars.

Heat (1986)
This movie was a bit of a gamble!, 7 March 2014

Burt Reynolds has know to be an action hero as well as a wisecracking actor. In "Heat", he never uses a gun. Reynolds plays Nick "Mex" Escalante, a former soldier of fortune who is also a habitual gambler in Las Vegas. He meets different people, protecting them as well. When teaching one man to be tough, a call girl named Holly(Karen Young) get viciously beaten by a new high roller(Neill Barry) who is back by a pair of giants. Holly demands revenge, but she needed Mex's help. He goes in disguise, takes out the two giant thugs and takes out DeMarco as well. While tied up, Holly comes in, with a pair of shears, and did the unthinkable. Baby(Joseph Mascolo) hears the news on what happened. But he wanted Mex's side of the story since he finds DeMarco accounts kind of questionable. The loophole was Mex doesn't use guns. Earlier, he met a man named Cyrus Kinnick(Peter MacNicol), who knows about his situation: He wants to go to Venice. After training him to be tough, he repays Mex with some money to go. Before they can go further, DeMarco and his goons ambushes them, only wounding Kinnick. He didn't look like much when Mex met him, but he appeared a lot tougher than he thought he was. A gun-less victory is possible when you're a super soldier. Just tell that to DeMarco and his crew. This movie has a lot of action. A little subtle to say the least. But what the hey! 2 out of 5 stars

Another fine sequel here..., 27 February 2014

Since Treat Williams took over "The Substitute" franchise, he surpasses Tom Beringer. He has more fighting skills, and he he really puts the "e" in education. This time, he he goes from a rough high school to a well made college that is overrun by some juiced up jocks. The jocks are top athletes, but they are wired up by steroids. They rowdy, out of control, and running amok at the college. After the accosting of the new English literature professor, it's up to Karl Thomasson(Williams) to step in the classroom, and infiltrate. He sees a football team with no sense of morals and only football on their brains. The other culprit in the team is their coach who have been offering them the drugs. With a whole new outfit for the team, Karl and them go out to see who is selling the steroids to the team, and shut them down for good. While they go after the dealer, Karl checks up on the teacher who's father was a soldier and friend of Karl to return a medal in which he earned. When one of the players left the school due to the scandal, and the death of the teammate due to the steroid use. He was the real winner. Avoiding shame, death, and being a disgrace to sports. It goes to show, drugs don't make you a winner. This movie has some morality to it. It's worth the watch! 3 out of 5 stars

Get Crazy (1983)
Party hardy people!, 13 January 2014

For all those who love to have a good time, this movie is for you. In "Get Crazy", a theater owner who thought he was going to die realize he's soon be having fun every year rather than worrying. His theater has the best guests, the best music, and the best surprises. He has some obstacles he must avoid. A former worker(Ed Begley, Jr., "St. Elsewhere") who wants the building for his own. Along with his cronies(Fabian Forte & Bobby Sherman) would go to extremes to get it. With a lot of performers in there. One of them Reggie(Malcolm McDowell) kinda finds himself in a personal rut. He has the Countess(Anna Bjorn) but ends up preoccupied with other women. So when she sees the stagehand, she seduces him. Good for him, bad for Reggie. While the party goes on, the countdown to New Year's is yonder way. And everything is good to go. This movie is a bit of a spoof of a lot of stars, but the tribute is for real. I thought this movie was a lot of fun. But it is now a tribute to Lou Reed, who played the reclusive hit maker of the day. It is a always and forever, a true gem! R.I.P. LOU REED! 3 out of 5 stars.

Razorback (1984)
This movie is a real right porker!, 10 December 2013

A lot of horror movies dealing with animals were getting big all the times. Rather than a shark, dogs, cats, or other vicious wildlife that can endanger man. In Australia, a rabid kangaroo won't do. You get, "Razorback"! This pig can make other wild pigs, look tame. This porcine terror is a juggernaut of the Outback. It was a very rare mutant pig that can seemingly not easily be killed. This terrible pig runs through the yard at night running through a house, and carrying off the old man's grandson he just put to bed. Though he was cleared of his grandson's death, he was left a broken and angry man. Two years later, a reporter from New York comes to the Outback to do an expose on wildlife being used as dog food. She encounter two deranged locals. Gets attacked by them, but later met her end by the monster pig. The husband looks for answers. He meets the past victim, and gets into action. Gregory Harrison does a great job in his role. He's known for playing Gonzo on "Trapper John, M.D." And after this movie, what makes you think about a remake, Hmmm? This movie was "porky", and I don't mean the raunchy comedy! There's plenty of cheese factor to it, but it's interesting to watch. 2 out of 5 stars

Fine 80's slasher film!, 9 December 2013

The 1980's was on the rise of slashers. Before Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees, there's "Alone in the Dark" . In an asylum, there are 4 mental patients who are convinced that the doctor(Dwight Schultz, before playing "Howling Mad" Murdock on the A-Team) has killed the original one. So they devise a scheme to escape, and take him out. The guard there overhears it and warned the new doctor. He takes it lightly. The killer quad escapes killing anyone who got in their way. During the route of escape, the doctor and his sister go to a concert where a very crude punk band were playing, a power failure occurred, and the doctor was glad to be relieved of such manner he couldn't take much longer. During the outage, the murderous quad find their way to a sporting store for some weapons. And they trade the doctor's car for a van when they killed the owner. Then comes my favorite scene between the bicycle messenger and the maniacs. They took him out, and get his hat and uniform. Then comes the plan. After the police warn the neighborhood about the 4, everyone is on guard. It's very interesting to see, and the surprise is there in this film. This is perfect for horror fans. Great cast, great plot. I recommend this film straight out! 3 out of 5 stars.

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A rare teen gem!, 2 December 2013

While other 80's teen movies get all the glory, this movie is worth taking a good looking into. "Seven Minutes in Heaven" is an angst on the art of coming of age. Most of the themes is love, sex, and relationships that come and go. Here you got Natalie(Jennifer Connelly) a brilliant, yet independent student who lets her friend Jeff(Byron Thames) stay at her house after a big fight with his stepfather(Marshall Bell). Then there's Polly(Maddie Corman) who has the toughest time in school finding a boyfriend. So what does she do? Falls in love worth a baseball player from New York named Zoo(Billy Wirth) . Well, when Natalie dates one of Jeff's friends, she discovered he is anything but faithful. And Polly meeting with Zoo doesn't go the way she wished for. All the pandemonium is going on all around. Jeff's mother tries her best to bring her son home, and make a connection with the new stepfather. As for Natalie, she just need to open up, and be more forward with everyone. She lost her mother to leukemia. Polly on the other hand needs to be happy with herself and be true to herself. Yes, it's a pain to be goofy, but chasing the winds can make you more miserable. It's a fun movie, should be used for educational purposes in my opinion. Not too raunchy, very subtle. A keeper in the books. 2 out of 5 stars.

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