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Best 3-D Effect I've ever seen, 14 May 2006

I'm not a Disney fan at all, but I happen to be in Orlando for a friend's wedding. So my traveling partner and I went to Disney for a few days. I haven't seen a good 3-D effect in, well..ever. So I usually try to stay away from these presentations. The 3-D effect in this was so good. I'm a grown man of 38, and even I wanted to try and reach out and touch. It's THAT good! Word of advice. At the end, look to the back of the theater on the wall. Put it like this...the first time I saw it, the effect wasn't working. So I told my friend..."It would have been nice if...." My friend said, "That's exactly what happens. It's not working for some reason." It's an awesome show. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

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Watching this film will be a melancholy experience for me, 16 October 2005

A girlfriend and I went to see this film over the July 4th weekend on the UES of NYC. We loved this film so much. This film, coupled with Tango Argentine in Lincoln Center this past summer, fed our newly established appetites for ballroom dancing. We were going to sign up for classes soon afterwards. Alas, we broke up recently, but our appetites are still there. I know that she is looking into classes and I am as well. But when I watch this film, I will think about her and how much we both enjoyed this film.

One thing I did notice about this film is that you can see the difference in how children are raised in NYC. The way kids act and react to their surroundings and situations can be predicated on where a child is brought up in the city. The Washington heights kids were "rough". The TriBeCa kinda were very analytical. The Bensonhurst kids were a mixture of both. But what they had in common were that they were all SMART. Smarter than maybe I gave them credit for beforehand.

Truly an inspirational film.

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Calling this show a cheap rip-off may not be fair, 21 September 2004

As a fan of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I really did not want to like this show. After watching the third episode of this series, I realize that calling this show a cheap rip-off of EM:HE may not be fair.

On the positive side, IMO the home designers and idea people on RMF seem to have better ideas than the EM people. I find myself marveling more over the RMF homes a tiny bit more than the EM homes.

On the negative side, this show lacks the charm of EM:HE. I don't really care about the designers and builders on RMF the way I care about the people on EM:HE. Is it me but does it seem like they put hot triplets on the show because they are hot triplets? I think because EM:HE only concentrates on the house and because they show all the emotion that went into it, we begin to care about the designers as well as the families. At the end of each EM:HE, I find myself getting emotional during the reveal. That did not happen for me with RMF.

I'm not slamming RMF. The show definitely has its merits, and I'll likely watch again, but I don't think that they'll match EM:HE for charm and emotion.

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The wit and wisdom of Tasty Taste, 1 November 2003

C' can you be against a rap-mockumentary that features the line:

"I want to make you mine, slap yo fat behind, tie you down and make you whine. I want you to scratch my itch and be my b***h....cause I luv you girl."

One of the most consistently funny movies I've ever seen.

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Better than a lullaby. Or even NyTol., 31 October 2003

Man this movie put me to sleep. This film is so boring. The fight scenes are OK, but the drama had me yawning. Actually, when I went to see it in the theater...I fell asleep. I blamed it on seeing it at a early morning matinee. When I got the DVD and tried to watch it, I fell asleep again. What a waste of celluloid. I'm gonna sell my DVD.

And people have a nerve to be bored by "Kill Bill" in the middle. Kill Bill had me into every scene, and wanting to see it again. Crouching Tiger??? Forget it. Pass this one by. Trust me.

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This USED to be a GREAT show. Now...?, 18 June 2003

General Hospital used to be a great show. Back in the late-70's and early 80' was THE SOAP to watch.

In the early 90's, when Claire and Matthew Labine took over head writing duties, General Hospital spotlighted so many fantastic, heartwrenching, and honest stories. I mean, what fan of this show will EVER forget Stone and Robin's love story. Stone, dying of AIDS-blind due to it...takes his last glimpse of his love, Robin by a window and hapilly says "I can see you"...then passes away. Or will the forget the Breast Cancer storyline, when Monica cuts her bandages off to see that she has no breast, and she just begins to cry uncontrollably. Or, the revolutionary and GUTSY storyline when young Maxie is dying from a heart condition, and is need of a transplant. At the same time...her cousin Barbara Jean (B.J.) is rendered brain dead in a school bus accident. Tony and Bobbie decide to donate her organs. Meanwhile Felicia (Maxie's mom), gets the news that a donor heart has been found. So she goes to Bobbie happy that they have found a heart for her daughter. Her happiness turns to horror when she finds Bobbie crying. Instantly, Felicia knows...

"Noooo. Not Barbara Jean. Not Barbara Jean's heart."

And she collapses to the floor, crying. I cry now as I think about it, and this was ten years ago. And then the scene where Tony hovers over Maxie, as she recovers from the transplant. And he leans down and places his ear over her chest to hear the beating heart that belonged to his deceased daughter. Oh man...


Sadly, GH has regressed so much under the watch of Bob Guza, Jr. I don't care what anyone's BLASPHEMY to put a Spencer with a Cassadine!!! To me...this show is long gone. With the loss of some of my favorite actors (Johnathan Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Kimberly McCullough, Sarah Brown), and some truly horiffic writing, storylines and pairings....I can never watch this show with the same enthusiasm as I did ten and twenty years ago. For me though...there are few saving graces for this show. The Quartermaines': John Ingle...whom not only has filled the shoes of David Lewis' "Edward Quartermaine" character...but has greatly improved on the original (and this is saying A LOT, as David Lewis was FANTASTIC as Edward), Leslie Charleson, Stuart Damon, Anna Lee, Jane Eliot (always a good watch when she returns from time to time), and Robin Christopher (GREAT). Maurice Benard as "Sonny" still delivers the goods. And of course, Tony Geary as "Luke Spenser". I just wish the material was better. Sadly, unless the Labines come back, or someone can be the second coming of Gloria Monty...I'll just be a viewer on occasion.

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Underrated comedy, 4 June 2003

This pairing of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, while not "Silver Streak" and not the first half of "Stir Crazy", is still an amusing comedy with some absolutely hilarious moments. I mean, let's face it...the second half of Stir Crazy is as boring as it gets. This film lags in spots, but the chemistry of Pryor and Wilder does satisfy. Stay away from "Another You" (as I did). I figured that this film was as good as we were going to get from Pryor and Wilder. Was I right? I dunno. I stayed away from "Another You".

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One of the greatest sitcoms in TV history, 27 March 2003

That is not an understatement.

In it's heyday, Married...With Children featured some of the most clever, inventive, wickedest and FUNNIEST writing on any series. But it only works when you have the right people delivering the lines. Maybe this crew of talent aren't the greatest actors ever, but they were the RIGHT actors to play these roles. The character of Al Bundy will go down in history as one of the greatest creations, worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as Archie Bunker, Lucy Ricardo, Ted Baxter, etc.

Just to correct one thing I saw written here about the show. The show was just doing OK UNTIL the Michigan housewife's protest against the show. The show started getting so much publicity, the ratings began to really take off.

I think the show started dying in the last three years or so, because the writers just ran out of ideas. But I'll stack Season Three through Season Six with ANY classic sitcom.

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Funny show...BUT, 6 March 2003

sometimes the humor can be a little inappropriate for the family hour. Not that I'm a prude or anything, if you think about it, is this REALLY a show for the whole family?

Then again, it is the year 2003. Maybe some little kids know more about sex than I do. LOL

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Surprisingly hilarious, 17 February 2003

I figured for a Disney Channel production, this show would be just amusing, like "Lizzie McGuire" (a show I like, but I get no real hearty laughs out of it). "That's So Raven" always seems to make me chuckle. But what I am most impressed with is Raven-Symone's knack for physical comedy, and willingness to make herself look ridiculous (but not in a demeaning way) to get the laugh. Almost like Lucille Ball in a sense.

The premise of this show is pretty cool too. Young psychic has INCOMPLETE visions, but acts on them anyway, not knowing the actual result of her actions. The writing is fairly standard comedy, but is sometimes inspired. There was a scene where Raven had a vision of a parachutist crashing through one of the school windows. So she and her friend rush there to get a story for the school newspaper. When the parachutist actually crashes through, he asks Raven "So you knew I was going to crash through this window?" When she replies yes, he asks again, "SO WHY DIDN'T YOU OPEN IT?" I thought that was clever. I enjoy watching this show, and I cannot believe that is little Olivia from "The Cosby Show". Good show.