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Iznogoud (2005)
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It was much better than I expected., 10 November 2005

This was the last movie of Jacques Villeret who died 28 January 2005, he was funny as Le Calife Haroun El Poussah. It was very similar to the cartoon if you remember it. Michaël Youn was excellent as Le grand Vizir Iznogoud and he totally embodied the character. Youn's talent as a performer was cleverly used in the movie as he was part of the band Bratislava Boys. Oliver & Kad (Olivier Barroux & Kad Merad) were excellent in their comedy routines as always. A short appearance of Elie Semoun, Laurent Baffie, Vincent Desagnat, Pascal Sellem and Ariel Wizman were just funny as they all represent the elite of French comedy right now. This was a good movie in the cartoon comedy genre. It was much better than I expected.

Neverland (2003/I)
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Worst Peter Pan version Ever, 10 January 2005

This is the worst version and interpretation of peter pan I have ever seen. And believe me I have seen a lot of movies. Don't rent it, don't see it, don't go and watch it, it is simply a big waste of time. I could not see it though the lines were poor the acting is terrible and the score is weak and lame. Why do a movie like this? I wonder hoe the director came up with is idea. No really how could you expect an artist butcher a nice story like Peter Pan. Well I confused it with an other movie back to never land at first with but it was a total disaster and waste. To recapitulate it all it is a big fat waist of money and resources.