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Here is a list that I have compiled for movies and the plotlines for them (granted I could find them) dating the year 2014 and on. Now I am almost certain I have not found them all. There are many, many more films out there, so please feel free to comment on the page. Also, if I happened to post a duplicate of a film, please let me know.
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This is a list of films or some classics up for debate. You may or may not agree with me, but that's what the list is for. I'm curious what remakes the public is actually looking for. Considering the extremely popular trend of remade films in the last decade, I enjoyed some and REALLY hated some. I personally think some should be.

HERE ARE THE RULES: Choose the top 10 films from this list you want remade in the future 1-10. 1 being the remake you want the most. Each "remake" is to be imagined with supurb writers, directors, actors, and an unlimited budget, ect. Also, there are some foreign films on the list, those would be English. If there is a movie not on the list and you want it "remade" include it into the list and I will count it.

P.S. Some films are never meant to be remade and there is a lot of horror films on here because they ARE the easiest to remake. This list is all in fun.

MY TOP 10:
10. The Towering Inferno
9. The Warriors
8. Suspiria
7. Freaks
6. Mad Max
5. Flash Gordon
4. The Most Dangerous Game
3. Seconds
2. Metropolis
1. C.H.U.D.
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I'm a 24 yr. old male who has recently begun to try to advise movie on good films. I might not be any Ebert or anything, but I have some background in theater, film-making, cinematography, and SFX-make-up from a few years in college. I will try to update as much as possible. I know this isn't all of them, just what I can remember.

Now these are just my personal ratings, but if you just don't have any idea of a movie or TV show to watch, I hope my personal opinion can advise you on something that you might have never watched. Enjoy!