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My favourite actresses of South Korea. Marry me! Everybody!... Anybody?...
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Actresses/ Actors I just Love to watch. Can basically see anything with 'em. These are people who can make a bad movie - really good.

Some are just awesome to watch for personal reasons (fun to watch) and some are just amazing and talented.

It's a wierd mix - Just like my taste in film.

"One day you can have my listening to NOFX and the next day listening to Spice Girls and the day after that it's Mozart."
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This is my favourite actors/actresses for just personal reasons. Always in progress.
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Michael Bay claims that the upcoming reboot of (Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtles 2014, is for us - The fans. Since he now have turned them into ailens etc - And we have to live with that(!) - the least he can do is to let us cast the movie. So speak up your mind!

Which ones do You want in the Ninja turtles reboot?

Here are My suggestions (in progress);

P.S Just saw that they already have cast the voice actors for the movie - And I have to say that I'm very, Very pleased with the result.

Love the idea to have the same voice actors as in the upcoming Ninja Turtles 2012 TV-series.

And I just Love that Jesse McCartney is gonna voice Leonardo. I'm so psyched!

Still; I'm not gonna remove my suggestions from this list.

Update; New casting update has been up for a while now. Didn't like the choise of Megan Fox at first. But I'm getting use to the thought now. Love the idea of putting "unknowns" as the voices of the turtles. Still curious which role Will Arnett will be making. - I trust you Michael Bay! Please don't dissapoint me.
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No order. My list. My taste. In progress
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The best thing with movies is when they just take you into this other world that you're completely stuck in during the whole watch.
Everything else around just dissapears.
You get into a "trance".

This is a really wierd and big mix of movies and genres.

It's probably just a list of fantastic movies for all moods, I guess.

This is movies that totally cought my attention during the whole watch.