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I honestly haven't seen most of the "classics" so please don't put mean comments about that. Also, not in a particular order. I'm honestly naming the first that come to my mind. The first lot of movies are probably going to be newer.
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Just some movies that look interesting that I wanna see.
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This is just a list of the most DISAPPOINTING movies of the last year (some may be a little more than a year). Not the worst movies, but the most disappointing. Big difference.
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Honestly, haven't seen most of the "classics" that I need to, so please don't leave mean comments behind.
let me make something clear: These are movies I have seen. I don't necessarily like them. A love a lot of them, I think a lot of them are very good, average, and some just plain terrible (such as Battlefield: Earth or Alvin and the Chipmunks).

Okay, now enjoy my list.
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Not just comedies. Can be action comedies, sex comedies, romantic comedies, dark comedies, etc. Not every movie here'll be ONLY labeled as a comedy.
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