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Haider (2014)
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A Perfect Ten on Ten!, 5 October 2014

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Out of all the Shakespeare adaptations by Vishal Bharadwaj, Haider is probably the boldest one. It is unapologetic, tragic, deeply disturbing and yet, so beautiful! The twist in this version of Hamlet actually makes it better than the original. Shahid Kapoor has nailed it once again(after Kaminey). Tabu is brilliant as Gertrude/Ghazala. As always, Kay Kay Menon delivers more than what is expected from him. This guy is seriously amazing. I don't care whether Haider is going to bag critical acclaim or a whole bunch of awards, because for me, it is already a winner! Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bharadwaj have put their soul into this one. That explains why they did it for free. Sincere dedication towards good cinema will always be appreciated.

Holiday (2014)
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The Main Problem with Holiday, 7 June 2014

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The only thing good about Holiday is Akshay Kumar. Unfortunately, he has made it clear that he can never learn from his mistakes. Please, for God's sake, for the love of all the people, please act in a completely serious movie next time. For the role of an army officer, Akshay Kumar seems to be the perfect choice. His performance is good, but as this is the remake of Thuppaki, he will be subjected to comparison with Vijay. That is inevitable. A scene-to-scene copy should have been avoided. But the main problem with this movie is the romantic subplot involving Saiba's character(Sonakshi Sinha, again). While watching the movie, it felt as if somebody was forcing me to watch two different movies at the same time, like switching channels on a television. What can I say about the bad, ill-placed song sequences? But, the most important question is: What the hell was Govinda doing in the movie?

New York (2009)
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This is the movie for which we were waiting..., 6 July 2009

Kabir Khan's 'New York' is nothing but a masterpiece.'New York' has truly delighted me.I don't know why i'm even giving this comment.This movie cannot be described by mere words.People always criticize Bollywood movies because of the lack in realism in them, but 'New York' is so realistic that everything in the movie feels like 'real'.The acting of every actor in the movie is commendable.Songs are used only when they are required.Everything about the movie was just perfect.I have always liked John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Irrfan Khan but I had a feeling that Katrina might spoil the movie, but her performance left me speechless.After a series of dull and boring movies in 2009, New York came and changed everything.I must say that this is the movie we were waiting for.

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Kambakkkkht Movie, 6 July 2009

I wonder if adding another 'k' in Kambakkht Ishq can change the movie.I did not have much of expectations from this movie starring Akshay Kumar. After watching movies like Chandni Chowk to China and 8 x 10 Tasveer, I thought that maybe Akshay can entertain us this time,at least a bit.There was a little hope that it might be an entertaining movie but Akshay Kumar disappointed us again.After watching this 'totally insane' movie, I thought that I was cheated and robbed.I don't know why Sylvester Stallone,Denise Richards and Brandon Routh agreed to 'appear' in this movie.I want to tell the people that this movie does not deserve to be watched. Don't waste your money or your father's in order to watch Kambakkht Ishq.Sleep nicely in your home or if you are too eager to watch a movie, just go and watch 'New York',which is worth watching!