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Vanaja (2006)
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A rare gem of a film, 2 September 2009

Vanaja is a film of superlatives. It has an exceptionally well thought-out cast with Mamatha being the crowning jewel, a superb production and possibly pre-production with Rajnesh at the helm, a fantastic journey of rural Southern India through the eyes of a 15 year old, a remarkable mixture of song and dance, traditional and modern, blended perfectly, and a beautiful backdrop of lush color of the flora and fauna that make up the magnificent experience. What a towering achievement for a debut director!! The casting was absolutely dead-on. I wish India would come out with more of such films. This film will remain as one of my top favorites for my entire life. 9/10.

Aarya (2007)
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Boring as heck, 2 September 2009

Madhavan needs to take his head out of the sand and prove what a versatile actor he really is. None of the actors impressed, and the less said of the heroine, the better. The storyline is wafer thin, and then it is stretched for an abysmal two and a half hours which is more of a test of your skills in patience. You would be better off watching a rerun of a movie you liked than wasting your time with this one. The only reason for writing this review is to warn you to stay away from this, not even worth watching on video, or even if someone pays you to watch it!! On the contrary you can use it as a good move on an arch enemy of really does function well as a good torture equipment!! 4/10.

Baladoor (2008)
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Why was this movie made, 1 September 2009

So what kind of audience was this movie made for? Unless you are a gung-ho fan of the starcast, there is absolutely no necessity to watch this movie, even on video. Heck, I couldn't manage to watch the film even while fast forwarding half the scenes, that's how bad this was. Absolutely zero storyline and a waste of talent from all the notables that were cast. The comedy scenes were pathetic and the entire movie was so predictable that even a five year old could have told you what happened next. And the villain, less said the better. Maybe you can watch the film to see how hopeless it is. Ravi Teja needs to select his roles more properly or else he will be a baladoor for his entire life. 4/10.

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Edge of the seat account, 1 September 2009

The movie is more geared towards German audiences and for folks who know about the working of the RAF in Germany. For those who do not know much about RAF (like me,) the film strikes you more as an edgy thriller about the making and breaking of an urban guerrilla group. From what was depicted the film gives more focus to the ideologies of Baader and Ensslin while leaving Meinhof in the background. It also doesn't really depict how RAF got it's name and who was involved with it. Nevertheless, it was quite an edge of the seat experience with the film moving at a breakneck speed depicting the trio and the political environment they are in. Even with the film revolving around the volatile three, Bruno Ganz gives a subtle effective performance. Although I am quite used to subtitles, this movie deserves to be dubbed as it is destined to leave a mark on your mind. 7/10.

The Beach (2000/I)
Keeps you glued, 1 September 2009

Danny Boyle is quite a director, no matter what you say. Here I am almost ten years since The Beach was released, and the movie still looked like it was released this week. From what I know Boyle makes most of his films based upon novels, and I make it a point to not read the novel to enjoy the film. The Beach doesn't disappoint and while some characters could have been more roles -- Ledoyen was practically paraded through the entire movie -- the premise and the beautiful locales make it a film worth watching. However I was confused by the ending -- not as much as how it ended but in the manner it ended. Altogether abrupt but worth the watch. 6/10.

Fighting (2009)
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Not bad...for a video rental, 31 August 2009

Fighting lacks brilliance from any characters, but it is alright for something to be watched on video. Channing Tatum looked a welcome change and Terrence Howard fits into the side-kick/friend role quite nicely. But then again Tatum mumbles through the entire movie and Howard's character isn't really that interesting. Zulay looked nice, but not much to talk about really. Luis Guzman was wasted. And then there is the title of the movie, Fighting. If the movie has a title like that, one would expect the fight sequences to be something to rave about, but then the fight scenes looked quite ordinary including the climax. I wasn't bored though which was good. 6/10.

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Bit of a routine, 31 August 2009

The movie looked a bit too indie for my liking, if there is such a thing. The cast did their part, the storyline wasn't that bad. It's just that there wasn't too much to offer on the whole. Hayden Church stood out in his role, and was a central character to the entire movie. Ellen Page although doing her part didn't distinguish herself any further from her prior works, and displayed her usual lackadaisical attitude to the entire film. Maybe the role required it, maybe not, in any way not impressive. Casting of Jessica Parker was interesting but the film didn't really offer her that much. Kind of a film that you will likely forget than remember. 6/10.

Train (2008/I)
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Not bad at all, 31 August 2009

For fans of gore with a not so bad of a story line this is quite a decent movie. Although "decent" might not be the right word in this kind of a movie since it is anything but! There may be some loopholes but all these are if you are thinking excessively. See the movie for what it is, and the movie lives up to it's name for a low budget production. Although Thora Birch might not really be my ideal kind of a revenge seeker, I did like the turn about in the end. I was wishing they could have started off with the revenge plot already as I did like the vengeance seekeing scenes which were less drawn out than the punishment inflicted by the villains. 6/10.

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Soooo 2004, 24 August 2009

B13U gets to be another run of the mill sequel and doesn't add anything new from the original. While I liked the parkour and the action there wasn't anything significantly different from the first movie which proved disappointing. There was a little to complete lack of any guns which is surprising considering the number of gangsters involved. For solely action buffs and parkour fans, this movie would be a great addition to your collection. But for folks who are expecting some creativity and a decent storyline with the action not much really. This movie just picks it up from the original of 2004 and just stays there. 6/10.

Billu (2009)
Dragging, but alright, 24 August 2009

Billu succeeds in maintaining the primary storyline of the movie throughout. But it does feel dragged and could have probably benefited by introduction of a few more characters and taking some unintended characters out. The cop playing his dialogues out was far from entertaining. And having to see Billu making a go/no-go decision is kind of tiresome if it continues with every frame. The movie does have a few pluses with Irfan giving a pretty good performance, and Lara Dutta not overdoing her role and the scenes between the parents and their children. SRK is his usual self as was demanded by the role - on a caffeine high. 6/10.

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