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Something fresh and new in the genre, 1 November 2016

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Spoiler Alert! There have been changes to the show's line-up!

I am a big fan of the TV court show genre, but I don't like or enjoy ALL the shows are on the air. I find many of them to have a rather irreverent air about them, with many of the "jurists" appearing to lean more toward making the litigants look silly on the air. That being said, I like the concept of "Hot Bench", with multiple legal minds drawing on their professional experience and expertise to weed through the prattle, in order to reach a decision in the case, based on established laws and statutes that apply to the case at hand. I also like the show's practice of allowing the viewing audience to see them deliberate on the case, going over all the legal points of the case by applying the law to the facts (or lack, thereof): The fact that the jurists on this show also have a little fun at the litigant's expense, is usually the result of the litigants firmly, and sometimes inadvertently, putting their own feet in their own mouths. As this show is the "baby" of Judge Judith Sheindlin, I can see some of her influence on the show's demeanor, i.e., "putting the hammer down" on attempting to include hearsay testimony, and that all three jurists are what she calls "equal opportunity abusers", in that they call out BOTH sides when their testimonies don't add up, or when they try to include information that wasn't in the original signed depositions. I also like that each jurist has an expertise in particular aspects of the law: Judge Backman's in contract and criminal law helped more than a few litigants in their respective cases. And what really pleases me about the show, is that they are not afraid to disagree with each other on the legal points in the case, and are not above dissenting when they don't agree with the other two on points that can be decided one way or another, based on established law. If Judge Sheindlin is really retiring from her show in the near future, I'm happy she chose this vehicle to "keep her hand in the game".

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Finally! The rediscovery of a lost treasure!, 23 January 2010

I, too, could not remember the proper title for this series, and had it not been for reading of the death of Jean Simmons, I would never have thought to seek it out( I had confused her with Jean Marsh ).

I grew up during the '60's and '70's, when all three NY networks and one of the independent stations broadcast Saturday morning cartoons. As I got older and my tastes changed and matured, I began to turn to decidedly darker animation to keep up with my social circle, but how many times can you view "Fritz the Cat" before you fry your remaining brain cells?

Then, I stumbled across "The International Festival of Animation" one evening, and man, was I hooked! I have a collage of images running through my head of the various submissions from all over the world, my personal favorite being a short entitled "Ersatz". They were all fascinating and mind-blowing and even educational ( I discovered that "ersatz" means "substitute", and armed with this bit of trivia received extra credit during a vocabulary quiz in English class ).

Note to poster Bou: Don't feel discouraged about the PBS staffer who didn't know what show you were asking about. It's a safe bet that individual was too young to remember the program ( I'd hate to think the person was too lazy to check; I myself have always found PBS staff to be very helpful and diligent in their researching skills ).

If PBS isn't going to release it on DVD, then they should re-broadcast the series. I'd happily watch it again.