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why didn't they name it LION KING remake, 26 November 2012

i loved the lion king and i would give a 10/10 for that coz it portrays the affection between a father and a son beautifully....also the songs were awesome at perfect timings and enough durations....the powerful dominant nature of mufasa and the depth of his character with regard to his braveness and leadership as well as his concern to the safety of simba are very effectively scripted to which the voice of mufasa gave life....every father can show this movie to their children and let them grow in correct path respecting the values and opinions of elders....not by forcing them but by explaining them the importance....coming to this movie, almost in entire first half of the film's duration every seen is a remake of lion king but with simba and kiara rather in comparison to mufasa and simba later followed by baseless dialogs and senseless scenes...songs come at regular intervals very frequently and last for very long duration.....simba simply repeats the routine stuff to kiara to which she responds arrogantly and always takes simba;s views in a negative way....kovu character is comparatively better in this movie compared to all others....timon and pumbaa humorous roles in lion king were brought to low standards and other characters here is no need to speak of them.....3 rating just because its a sequel of lion king and the songs in the movie....

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a total disaster with juvenile performances, 22 November 2012

if u r a fan of dance and previous step up movies this is not for u.....they made this movie simply thinking that people will like any movie which has dance in half of its duration forgetting that we expect quality dance....this movie got the minimum collections compared all its previous parts and that minimum collection was also just due to the cinematography and the music....without these u'll not watch those dance moves even for few minutes because they lack the grace that we saw in previous parts in which the dance crew mesmerizes us with their dance moves. Dialougues were worse and the performances AWFUL the director simply expected the viewers sympathy regarding the plot saving the neighborhood with dance?????hero's best buddy's performance was the disastrous performance...he does his role as if he is in some other world saying the dialogs reluctantly and reacting to things lately.....the rest of crew leaving heroine's dad remaining all are worthless....they release 3 videos in you tube and the Miami cops were not in a position to find who the people were in THE MOB....sorry guys this goes on and finally as per me step up streets was my favorite with regard to dance....and with regard to plot and performances step up one is my favorite...and by far this is the worse among the franchise.

Julayi (2012)
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Trivikram also joined other Telugu movie directors, 14 August 2012

I am totally disappointed after watching the movie,the movie is lacking everything in it except for the routine telugu hero extra ordinary powers... Only positive features in the film are Trivikram sir's dialogs which lasted only in the 1st half and of course the dance by allu arjun who brought new standards in the field of dancing for the industry... Apart from these 2 things everything else is awful.....robbery scene was childish spoiling the fame of dark night scene, Ileana role lasted for very short duration and has no much importance, finally entire police department relies on allu arjun for catching the villain and for other police jobs. Where is the trivikram sir who directed Nuvve nuvve,Athadu and Khaleja where he gave utmost importance to comedy,relations and characters along with their values rather than violence and action episodes...All telugu people miss that old trivikram sir and as of me i don't like this new style of trivikram sir where he also takes movies in which a hero will have extraordinary strengths and can kill any number of men who come in his way, the one who can run faster than Scorpios moving at top speeds which was shown in this film.

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Undeserved Climax, 14 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First things first its a great movie except for the climax part....i loved everything in the movie- direction, screenplay, background scores, cinematography and above all the performances by the 3 lead roles. Most of the movie runs pleasantly along with sensible comedy by the dialogs alone....but at the end director decided to send all the audience with a sorrow feeling out of the theater.... Throughout the movie, Mithuna's role is the key role around which the entire film revolves but at the end she is the one who was left alone heartbroken twice.But if you are ready to accept reality and accept any sort of climax if the story demands,then this is a movie worth watching...