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Bruce Li vs Paul Smith, 4 January 2003

The most brutal action packed martial arts battle of the decade, Bruce Li, The Roaring Kung Tiger, faces his deadliest enemy.. the vicious and sadistic torturer from The Midnight Express. The Hoover Night Club in Bangkok is used to coverup the operations of the international narcotics group headed by an American, George Cross. A rival gang, run by a chinese, also tries to dominate the drug market in southeast Asia. Handsome professional killer Chang Hung, accompanied by his female assistant, arrives in Bangkok and smashes a Kung-fu school run by George. Tseng Tse-chan, leader of the chinese group, approaches Chang to eliminate george, but his price is too high. Unknown to him, Chang was hired by George to infiltrate Tseng' racket. The girl's job is to play the 2 rival gangs against each other..

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Another in a long line of bruce li greats!, 4 January 2003

Bruce Li continues to show that he is an excellent choice to step into bruce lee's shoes. The action is great and fast, the dubbing isnt too obvious and the plot rolls right along. Don't miss it. Bruce Li hits as hard and as fast as the real Bruce.. that comes from a career of olympic training and martial arts.

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Bruce Li at his best!!!, 4 January 2003

Having just watched this dvd.. i was amazed at how a 20 year old movie this good could have been passed, by the masses. It has a segment with young bruce lee..enough for the title..about 5 minutes i'd say.. then it's an atypical Bruce Li as Bruce Lee movie.. The fights are pretty good, the action moves along and their is actually a pretty decent plot. If you like bruce lee, bruce li or good "chop-sockey" flicks.. you shouldn't miss this one. And the dubbers have named the love interest in the film "Chow MAE" a play on chow mein .. while on the subject of dubbing it's even done above par . a great early 80's chinese actioneer!! Dont miss it.