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Includes animated short films, live action movies with an animation mix and animated films that had their characters present at the awards. Rows 47-110 are the Best Animated Feature films with the animated features that had their characters present at the awards or were nominated for other Academy Award categories that weren't Best Animated Feature. The first movie in the rows of their award session are the winners. Also rows 106-111 are my predictions for next year.
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After the success of Rango, I think Nickelodeon will have the idea of making a animated TV series spin off of it. Here is the people they need for the show. Rows 1-74 are cast members including guest stars and rows 75-81 are the crew behind it.
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For both televised and online versions. More will people come, if you can write on the comments or I will see it in the news before.
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Rows 1-132 are Oscar winning directors, rows 133-278 are nominated directors, rows 279-387 are famous animated people, rows 388-469 are notable famous script writers. Also Mel Gibson, Spike Lee, Seth MacFarlane (the new) and Randall Wallace are my least favorites of them. Also I added James Cameron in low part of the winners. He and Mel Gibson are my least favorite Academy Award winners of direction, but I like some of there films (Aliens, the Termanitor series, Titanic and a little of Braveheart). The reason for James Cameron is due to his reputation and is declared a selfish and cruel director. The first five in each rows are who I think are the greatest Oscar legends of all them. Also, some of these directors had their films nominated or won Best Foriegn Language Film and had some of their other films nominated for other Oscar categories.

Update: Under some of them are thanks to Executive producer credits by them for other Academy Awards films

New Update: I now add their Academy Award nominated and winner films under some of them.

Newest Update: I add Stanley Donen under the rows of script writers due to he won an Honorary Award while making Academy Award films without being nominated.

Final Updated: The last rows are other directors or producers that mostly won Academy Honorary Awards and are directors, writers and producers who while making Oscar films didn't get nominated but were part of the Academy Awards' Memorial tributes and are being declared legends of film making or in film by the Academy. Rows 470-486 are other directors to producers who mostly get Honorary Awards from the Academy and rows 487-564 are directors to writers or actor/directors who made, have some involvement with or star in Academy Award nominated films and were never nominated for Best Director, Picture Screenplay or Acting but were in the Academy Awards' In Memorial tributes (TV and Online version (which shows that it has gotten better now)).
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Other directors and writers that I forgot in number 1 and I have add famous movie producers on this list now.

New Updated: I have now added Christopher Guest, Anne Fletcher and Adam Shankman who also help with the Academy Awards' ceremonies while making some Academy Award nominated films
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Involves acting, directing, writing, producing (any kind), crew member and thanks credits. Directors who didn't get an Oscar nomination but help make the Academy Award films. Also some of these directors had their Oscar films produced by Academy Award nominee or wining producers while some did Academy Awards films without being nominated while being in the Academy Awards' In Memorial segment. Finally, some of these directors did work for some of the Academy Awards events. On the last sections of the list under the other famous animation directors bedsides Don Bluth, Richard Rich, Ralph Bakshi and Simon Wells section are directors who had there films executive produce by Academy Award legends Steven Spielberg, Sydney Pollock and Ivan Reitman and as well as the 2012-2013 president of The Academy of Motion Pictures and Science, Barrie M. Osborne, Michael De Luca and of course Roger Corman and others. Last but not least are producer/directors who worked with Oscar legends Tim Burton to writers Kristen Wigg and Douglas Day Stewart.

New updated: if that person who was not nominated for an Oscar did work as a producer of another person's film, that person is added to this list. The same goes for the crew and cast. The last rows are directors who did Academy Award films that were originally created by Merian C. Cooper, Arthur C. Clarke, Mark Millerand Gene Roddenberry to others that are Best Adapted Screenplay directors only.
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Includes movie sequels that were on Academy Award soundtracks or is part of the same universe (For example in mine and some people's views, the Predator films take place before the Alien vs. Predator films while the Alien vs. Predator films take place before Prometheus and Prometheus takes place before the three better Alien movies). Newest updated: I have also added the TV series that go with some of these Academy Award films. Also some of these films are not a series but a bunch of movies in the same universe of the first movie.

Rows 1-15: The Star Wars Saga
Rows 16-25: The Star Trek Saga
Rows 26-27: Star Trek Reboot
Rows 28-35: The Harry Potter Saga
Rows 36-41: The Lord of the Rings Saga
Rows 42-44: The Batman Trilogy
Rows 45-48: The Dark Knight
Rows 49-51: The Superman Trilogy
Rows 52-55: Hellboy
Rows 56-57: Spider-Man
Rows 58-69: The Avengers Saga
Rows 70-71: Beverly Hills Cop
Rows 72-74: The Back to the Future Trilogy
Rows 75-77: The Rocky Trilogy
Rows 78-79: Rambo
Rows 80-84: The Transformers Saga
Rows 85-87: The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Rows 88-89: Willard
Rows 90-91: The Sting
Rows 92-93: The Adventures of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
Rows 94-95: The Musketeers
Rows 96-98: The Godfather Trilogy
Rows 99-101: The Before Trilogy
Rows 102-103: Queen Elizabeth I
Rows 104-106: The Bourne Trilogy
Rows 107-114: The Adventures of Indian Jones
Rows 115-116: Poltergeist
Rows 117-118: The World of Jurassic Park
Rows 119-125: The Story of Shrek
Rows 126-132: Kung Fu Panda
Rows 133-135: The Toy Story Trilogy
Rows 136-139: Pixar's Monsters
Rows 140-148: The Simpsons
Rows 149-153: South Park
Rows 154-156: The Tales of Wyatt Earp Trilogy
Rows 157-161: The Pink Panther Saga
Rows 162-163: 101 Dalmatians
Rows 164-165: Beethoven
Rows 166-167: The Tales of the Young Guns
Rows 168-169: Jolson
Rows 170-171: The Karate Kid
Rows 172-173: The Story of Babe
Rows 174-175: The Terminator
Rows 176-184: The Universe of Alien Saga
Rows 185-186: A Space Odyssey
Rows 187-188: Lethal Weapon
Rows 189-190: Austin Powers
Rows 191-213: The James Bond 007 Saga
Rows 214-216: The Three Colors Trilogy
Rows 217-219: The Topper Trilogy
Rows 220-247: The Muppets Saga
Rows 248-252: The Jack Ryan Saga
Rows 253-255: The Winnie the Pooh Trilogy
Rows 256-259: The Planet of the Apes Saga
Rows 260-265: The Road To... Saga
Rows 266-268: The Airport Trilogy
Rows 269-270: The Addams Family
Rows 271-272: TRON
Rows 273-275: The Paradise Lost Trilogy
Rows 276-287: Jackass
Rows 288-292: The Gold Diggers Saga
Rows 293-294: Agent Flint
Rows 295-297: The Man with No Name Trilogy
Rows 298-299: Father O'Malley
Rows 300-301: Eddie Felson
Rows 302-303: King Henry II
Rows 304-310: How to Train Your Dragon
Rows 311-312: Despicable Me
Rows 313-314: The Story of Tarzan
Rows 315-316: Zulu
Rows 317-318: Broadway Melody
Rows 319-321: The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela Trilogy Rows 322-324: The Ages of Man Trilogy
Rows 325-327: The Trilogy of Americana
Rows 328-330: The Wild Thornberrys
Rows 331-332: The Story of Bambi
Rows 333-337: The Adventures of Wallace & Gromit Saga Rows 338-340: The Running Back in Time Trilogy
Rows 341-349: The Quentin & Lawrence's Stories of Crime Saga
Rows 350-358: The Steven Spielberg World War Saga
Rows 359-360: Neo Planet of the Apes
Rows 361-367: Peanuts 1960
Rows 368-371: Quentin Tarantino's Improbable History
Rows 372-374: Elmore Leonard's City Lights Crime Stories Rows 375-377: The Ivan Reitman's Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Trilogy
Rows 378-380: The Golden Heart Trilogy
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Once again as a huge fan of the Oscars, animation and the Best Animated Feature and Short Film races. Here is another animation list.
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This list will be an example for a blu-ray collection series that is similar to the Criterion Collection and Echo Bridge Home Entertainment DVD movie collections case that I will make in the future for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Disc one will be the shorts and the other discs will have a one, double or triple animated feature of the animated feature films nominated on the disc together. Their will be special features on some of the discs and features a booklet that has behind the making, the complete nominations of the Academy Awards event these animated films were in, company credits of the animated films and the cast and crew that were uncredited from the motion pictures' credits. Even a booklet of the people who were in the Academy Awards' In Memoriam tributes (including the special ones like Stanley Kubrick and John Hughes).

For more info of the Japanese animated films, go to these links:

As time goes bye this list's title will change until it reaches 90 Years of Animation.
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Write on the comments if there are other movies that need to be on the list. Rows 1-32 are Best Picture to Writing targets, rows 33-42 are animated and rows 43-65 are songs and visuals.
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The Giants will be motion capture with the technology that made the Transformers I wish I hope.
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This film better stay true to the original dark novel
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Under them are the movies that were nominated for Oscars and the films that nearly got them nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, or Best Screenplay.
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Rows 1-4: The Coppola Family
Rows 5-8: The Mankiewicz Family
Rows 9-11: The Fleischer Family
Rows 12-13: The Demme Family
Rows 14-15: The Scott Brothers
Rows 16-17: The Reitman Family
Rows 18-19: The Ross Family
Rows 20-21: The Petrie Family
Rows 22-23: The Schrader Brothers
Rows 24-25: The Goldman Brothers
Rows 26-27: The Lumet Family
Rows 28-29: The Reiner Family
Rows 30-31: The Gottlieb Brothers
Rows 32-33: The Astin Family
Rows 34-35: The Guggenheim Family
Rows 36-37: The Stevens Family
Rows 38-39: The Weitz Brothers
Rows 40-41: The Disney Family
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Here is a list of bad movies that are enjoyable and make you want to laugh your brains out and laugh until you piss yourself.
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The movie that I want for a new Inspector Gadget movie will be the same style as the Adventures of Tintin movie. I would like Peter Jackson and Get Smart's director Peter Segal to get together and make this. It will focus more on Penny, how she and Brain moved with their uncle, their relationship and Penny and Brian helping their Uncle stop Dr. Claw and MAD like in the cartoon. While Dr. Claw will be motion-capture his face will not be show on screen and he will give his minions orders through different stuff where he can see them, while his partner will give the stuff to them and MAD Cat will be animated the same way as Snowy in Tintin. Also his minions (except his partner and others) will also don't know what he looks like and where he is at while they are at a MAD hideout far from Dr. Claw's. The film should be distributed by Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies.
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One of movie's mysterious mysteries, why does the Academy Awards chose Golden Raspberry Award nominated movies for their nominations too?
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Rows 1-29 are music composers and artists and rows 30-73 are creators of anime and works that inspired anime or manga adaptions of their works. Finally for that is not the list, companies that have their films nominated for Oscars and and are good with anime that are TOHO, Sanrio, NHK Enterprise 21/NHK, Dentsu Tech/Dentsu Inc., Studio Ghibli, Yamamura Animation, Robot Commuincations, GKIDS, Marvel Studios, and Sunrise.
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More will come soon when more deaths will be announced. Some of my predictions will be on the telecast or online of the Oscars or both.
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First rows are animated (with their animated movies that started or are with the series) and the others are live-action.
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The first five are my main predictions, the two under them are other choices just in case and the rest are long shots.
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More will come when I see the pictures of the other characters of the film.
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Since Quentin Tarnintnio had a Blu-ray collection (I have it and it is awesome). I think they should make a Blu-ray collection of the world war II movies by one of my favorite directors next to Quentin, Steven Spilberg.
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First five are my picks, the middle row with the other five are my other picks just in case some of my main predictions don't make in the announcement, and the last nine rows are long shots and the ones that will deffentaly never get nominated.
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A list of sci-fi films that were nominated for Academy Awards, ones that should of or were snubbed and the film that started it all.
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A list of kid actors I find are bad at acting and it just doesn't do anything for me.
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The Counselor, The Wolf of Wall Street and 12 Years a Slave are the top contenders
a list of 26 titles
After the live action movie(s) are the animation they inspire.
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A list of my picks for the best saddest movies and movie moments.
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I may have Ryan Gosling replace Tom Cruise or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
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A List of filmmakers who are fans of anime and manga.
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1, 4 and 6 are my favorite movies, while 2, 3 and 5 I hate a lot.
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A list of TV shows and movies that would be great for this festival idea, if Studio Ghibli comes up with this idea.
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Here is alist of who I think would be good for the new "The Wiz" movie and it could be animated.
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A list of actors and actress that should not be directors
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A list of what I and the critics think are the best animated films of the years they were released and are Oscar worthy like (see my other lists). Also what upcoming animated features that I think will be good and the best. The list also has animated films that should have been nominated if the Oscars had five nominations on their events, films that should be nominated if the Best Animated Feature was made in 1961 and animated films that have just been a nominated for the Oscar's visual categories and special achievement award. Plus the first row 1 to 78 will be the winners of Best Animated Feature (and also the first animated films to be nominated for Best Picture and who might win for 2011 and 2012), the number one animated film that started animated films and some other good ones and animated films that should have won if Best Anaimted Feature was made earlier and the top best animated films of their years. Finally rows 79 to the final rows are what animated films were nominated for Best Animated Feature/the Visual Categories, what animated films that might have made it to the final round of the race of being nominated for Best Animated Feature and animated films that should have been nominated if thier were five nominations and if Best Animated Fetaure was made earlier.
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Here are some movies and TV shows to watch and relax to when you are sick in bed.
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First rows are the crew, the last rows are the cast and the final ones are thanks. Also this is who I wish would be the first ones for this. For the company to distribute this film should be Columbia Pictures and MGM. Also in the credits for Thanks are That Guy With The and Rob Walker.
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Note: People with two titles are that person of anime and the other is they should be called that in Japan
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Please leave coments of what else do you think would be good at play a famous person and I will work on it.
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Rows 1-5 are my predications while rows 6-10 are the rest of the field.
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A list of what animated films might be good for for one of my favorite Oscar catgories "Best Animated Feature" and this will be for the 85th Academy Awards. Rows 1-5 are my predications of who I think will win the final round and be nominated if some will get into the race. Rows 6-12 are my other choices for my predications if some can make it in the race. While rows 13-21 are what animated features I think will be extreme long shots in the race. I am predicting that will be 17 or 18 animated films for the race.
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What can you say about Terry Gilliam? A member of the great and legendry Monty Python's Flying Curcis, taleint cut-out animator that inspired South Park and John Korty and one of the great directors. But some of his good movies that are live-action due remind us of his animation. Which today I am showing you the top Terry Gilliman live action movies that reminds us of his animation style and would be more fun in his animation style.
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This is a list of comedy people I find are not funny. Please dont hate me or try to kill me.
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A list of famous animators who worked at Hanha Barbara and one of the animators is my least favorite. Hanha Barbara may of made some bad animation but that's what made it good and classic. It is one of my favorite animation studios next to Studio Ghibli and TVC London.
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A list of famous people involved with Amblin Entertainment.
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Please dont hate me for this and this is a list of directors who have never being nominated for Best Director or Screenplay, but always have their movies or the movies they worked on nominated for different Oscar catagories. I will make a top list of what I think are the worst directors of all time.
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A list of people involved with LucasFilm.
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Here is what I think who will be good at playing as Jim Henson and Freinds in a biography film about him. The movie could also be called The Rainbow Connection and if it is made, it may get some Oscar nominations (I hope) for Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, maybe Best Director (if it is going to be directed by Gas Van Sant or some other good director) and Best Picture when the movie comes out on some year. This is the best that I can think of who can play as who and the crew and the other cast members will be decided if this movie is going to be made. Roles for Kathryn Mullen, Brain Muehl, Toby Towsons, Bob Payne, Cheryl Blaylock, Martin P. Robinson and others will be decide when thier is a director and if this movie is planed.
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Hey folks, now we go to Part 2, which is final part of this alternative universe like list, if still lost see part 1. Also in this list, Best Animated Picture will change it's title to a new one and Best Foreign Animated Film will have it's final ceremony, if this whole thing existed and if the Academy Awards had come up with this idea. Besides I love the Academy Awards even though I am a little mad at them for not making the first Best Animated Feature category in the early years and having that silly rule for Best Animated Feature today (and I think if they had made Best Animated Feature in 1961, they can have that rule cause of it's total of films). Finally, I just forgot something for part 1, is that when a foreign animated film was nominated for Best Foreign Animated Film they would have the original version of the film nominated and it can be a movie that hasn't being released in America yet, if the whole dang thing was made.
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Hi folks, it's Alex Hartsell again. I have being think that the first Best Animated Feature should have being made in 1961 (AKA the 34th Academy Awards) and should have had it first called Best Animated Picture. Also have another Best Animated Feature category called Best Foreign Animated Film and have the title Best Animated Picture chance to Best Animated Film for the 55th Academy Awards. We began on Part 1 of what would it look like if it was made in 1961 and who would be the winner and nominations of it. Also some of the titles in here may have being released after that year or appeared on TV first, but let's just think and imaging if the Academy saw them first before the year and what if the TV movies decide to have them in theaters (after showed on TV). if the first Best Animated Feature was released in 1961. Part Two will be posted after this one.
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Here is my real list of who will be in the semi-finals to be nomanatied for the 84th Academy Awards. This will also be what movies I think will be the best movies of 2011. Part One is Best Picture to Best Adapted Screenplay which I will post today. Part Two will be Best Animated Feature which I will post on Monday May 2. Part Three is Best Visual Awards (Best Original Score to Best Visual Effects) which will be on May 3. While Parts Four and Five (AKA Best Documentary Feature and Best Foreign Language Film) will arrive when the time is right to post them up.
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A list of the best animated features that were nominated and have won at the oscars' Best Animated Feature, films that should have been nominated if the academy had five nominations at the beginning of the Best Animated Feature category (also if they didn't make that silly rule of having three or four nominations for it) & at some of the past cermonies and films that couldn't make it to best animated feature and were just nominated for best visual. Also upcoming animated films that might be the best ones of 2011 & 2012 and what I think will get nominated for the 84th & 85th Academy Awards & which upcoming animated films. I made some updates by replacing Atlantis with Osmosis Jones (due to Atlantis wasnt in the list to be nominated for the 2001 Oscars). Plus I have deleted Chicken Little due to that Robots looks more Best Animated Feature like.
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Sorry for the long wait and here are my predications of who might be the final contenders in the race for the Best Foreign Language Film Nomination Race.
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Hello movie fans, it is time for another "What if the Academy Awards did this for the Best Animated Feature category". This time it involves if the Academy Awards president in the 1990's came up with the idea of having the Best Animated Feature category made in the years before it was made on the 74th Academy Awards, it would have these movies nominated for it and who would be the winners. Also have that three and four nomination rule for a short while and allowed foreign animated films nominated release in America and released from their country rule for a little while. This one is like the other one I made (The 73rd Academy Awards having Best Animated Feature) but has more alternative years and what I think were the best animated films of those years. I will also make another list of Best Animated Films of the years 1991 to 2012 after this one. Also look under the movies for my comments that I have left and enjoy with all your hearts.
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Now we go to part 3 of our journey of who will be the front runners and be in the semi finals of being nomainated for next years Oscars. Best Documentary Feature contenders will be made and in development on May 4. While Best Foreign Language Film will be made when the announcement of who will be the contenders for Best Foregin Language Film come out. Please enjoy and leave your commets if needed.
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We now are about to head off on to the final competitors/ front runners of who will be nominated and in the race of the 84th Academy Awards. We will now do Best Documentary Feature contenders and front runner films of being nominated for it. Remember Best Foreign Language Film will be made when they have announce who will be in the race for that catagorie. I have also another thing to announce is that I can't do the best short categories due to they are too hard to find and put in a list and also I think Best Documentary Short, Best Live Action Short and Best Animated short need to be remove from the Oscars or in a better word, retire for good. Due to they can also be a bored and waste time at the Oscars. Finally this is the best I can do and these are the only docs that I can find pretty good. Besides these are the Documentary features I think will be good in 2011. Please leave comments and suggestions of what Documentary films of 2011 to add or delete on this list.
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Here is what I think which short films will get nominated for their categories at the 84th Academy Awards. I also change my mind about the Best Short Film categories (also what I said in Part 4 of the final contenders for the 84th Academy Awards), they need to stay in the Academy and I might know where to find them on IMDb.
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Rows 1 to 5: My picks of who will get nominated in the final round and on January 24, 2012 morning.
Rows 6 to 10: My alternative choices.
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We now go to Part Two of the predications for the 84th Academy Awards race for being nomanaited. This time it's which animated features will be in the semi-finals for the Best Animated Feature race. Also these will be which animated features I think will be good in 2011.
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Hello I am Alex Hartsell, and I was wondering what if the Academy Awards had made the first Best Animated Feature category made on the 73rd Academy Awards instead of at the 74th? Well my friends here is what it would look like if the every first Best Animated Feature was made on the 73rd Acadmey Awards, didn't had and made that silly rule of having three nominations in there (which needs to be at only five nominations and also see my other list "The Best Animated Features of 2001 to 2012" for more) and what would the nominations be, if they had made it for that year.
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Before the 84th Academy Awards began, I just want to make a list of the best films of the year that were nominated for Best Picture. Part 1 will be films noimantied for Best Picture of 1927-1939, Part 2 will be 1940's, Part 3 will be 1950's, Part 4 will be 1960's, Part 5 will be 1970's, Part 6 will be 1980's, Part 7 will be 1990's, and finally Part 8 will be 2000-my Predications for the 84th Academy Awards' Best Picture catagory. Enjoy.
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A list of my favorite animators that I love thier works so much. I think that they desirve an Award. I will tell you my favorite works from them as well.