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Funny., 11 February 2011

Funny, funny, funny . . .

Low-fi movie, that has a "homemade" feel to it . . . but it's FUNNY. And it's edited very well as far as pacing goes.

Want more from this filmmaker.

Why do I have to write ten lines to make a review.

That's really annoying.

I said what I wanted to say.

Good film. Worth watching. Oh my God! I have to write even more to submit this review! That's 3 times now. Maybe now this will be enough text or lines to submit my review.

One more line for good measure. Ugh.

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One of the best TV series ever ..., 18 September 2010

Just about perfect in every way. Just a real and authentic portrayal of teens that comes across as so genuine and funny. And I loved how the series followed different characters in each episode and fleshed them out. Kudos to all the actors, writers, directors and editors that participated in this series . . . from the leads to the smaller characters. So many talents seemed to really find their start with this series. In fact, re-watching the series this last year, I noticed Ben Foster in a really small role talking about "Three's Company" and he seemed almost in-recognizable . . . but he's so funny -- he commits so completely to his role. It's never overplayed for laughs, and I think that's what makes it so timeless and so great.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those of you who haven't experienced this TV series.

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Good performance by Gere, 1 July 2009

I think this is the first performance I've seen from Gere that was really, really good. He's definitely always been a solid actor . . . at least, I've always thought. But, he's been fairly limited in the the "range" of roles he's had, and I thought he did a nice job here creating a real character out of something that could have easily been played too big and drifted into caricature. Kudos, Gere.

Same to Eisenberg and Terrance Howard. Really solid performances. And I enjoyed the story a lot. Fell into it easily -- which I think is the mark of a well directed film.

I had no expectations when I saw the movie, and had no idea what it was about. So, it was a pleasant surprise.

Up (2009)
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Really great movie!, 1 July 2009

I enjoyed this movie immensely. Really good story and great themes of isolation, parenthood, etc.

I'm impressed at the consistent quality of pixar pictures. Really well structured/thought out stories that aren't riddled with clichés. It's like a breath of fresh air -- it's as if the execs find the right artists, and let them do their thing and leave them alone. I assume. Who knows.

Anyway, highly recommended if you haven't already seen this picture. It was the first 3-D film I've seen since Jaws 3-D. :-) The technology has improved somewhat.