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People that look a lot like each other (to me), without being related.
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Some of my all time favorite characters from Cinema and TV
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Turrible! Just turrible
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This list shows some obvious copycat films and tv by Hollywood, followed by their foreign counterpart. I'm omitting obvious American remakes of American films because let's face it, there are a million of those. Unless it is a film like Due Date, given a completely different title, but is obviously just a copy of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
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Hollywood pretty much sucks @ making good endings to movies ...worse than ever before. Here I will keep a list of the movies they did right @ the end.
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It's hard to pick just 10, but these would probably be mine. With a 2 show bonus at the end.
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For one reason or another I couldn't give them a 10, but they are pretty damn close.
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Man, there really is some garbage down there, but I went digging. And out of the bottom 250, these 5 films weren't really "THAT bad". Let's just say I would be ok with giving them another look.