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I Just Can't Help It...I Like The Coreys...., 2 September 2007

***It's not like a sitcom or a drama so I don't think I'm spoiling anything, but I do quickly mention some situations from the show*** Moving on--I understand why people might not enjoy the show, because I'm not a big fan of reality shows myself, but from what I know of the Coreys I was curious and gave in to an episode. I wasn't too sure what I thought from that experience so I checked out some episodes "On Demand" and on You Tube, and now I am hooked. Haim's life confusion (a.k.a dependency issues with Corey Feldman) mixed with the Feldman's life organization and slight O.C.D just makes for interesting conflict and I can't help but want to see what comes of it. If you watched an episode and weren't too sure how you felt, or are just curious about the show, I definitely believe its worth giving it a chance--between speed dating, going to a "sweat lodge" in an attempt to stop smoking, and an old flame of Haim's visiting from England, it definitely has it's moments.

I love this show! Nothing like it will ever come again..., 26 May 2004

Although calling it a "classic" doesn't sound right, I will always hold this show in high regard. I was young, but it was funny, and I loved it. It was original and that is one thing that stands out for me. I have never seen anything quite like it since, and no imitation would be able to compare. If I was given the opportunity to buy it on DVD I would jump at the chance. Nickelodeon is definitely not what it used to be, and I wish this younger generation could have the opportunity to see more of the shows that my generation was brought up with. I watched a lot of TV and movies, and as strange as it sounds, they had a big hand in shaping my perception of what life was supposed to be like. Boy was I surprised to go to high school and see that not everybody looked the cast of 90210 or Grease. Cartoons like Doug and Rugrats were my all time TV favorites, but I can't stand the newer Rugrats episodes. Clarissa Explains It All and Eat Your Shorts were two of the few shows where teenagers were actually played by teenagers.