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Best movies about romance
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In the other words- it's my favourite comedy movies
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Movies about 20s -60s
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This is a list about best movies about rock music (not everything about rock) and sometimes include such subcultures like skinheads, punks, metalheads or hippies.
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You feel guilty for can feel pain..
That's what these movies are about. Some of them may be even disturbing
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Movies about 70s - 80s era
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When you are rebel, want to party all night long, break the rules, fall in love...Remember when you was in high school or in college.

This list is for teens or people who are almost adults :)
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Something mystery, funny, creepy with a little horror (because I don't like really scary movies).
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Movies/TV, that turn your head to think.
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Movies about knights, mythological creatures, witch hunts
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Young and talented actors . They born in the 90s - my generation
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Movies/TV that reminds my childhood times. So nostalgic. I have seen them so many times...