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Off a Cliff!!!!, 20 March 2003

The only time this film ever got interesting was when Shirley Jones showed up in it, so why they did not use her more is a complete mystery to me?

I mean at the very least she could have trailed behind the two and gotten herself captured by the Dirty Injuns so she would have needed to have been rescued by the big brave boy in blue(Widmark)!

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Just Begs to be Updated, 15 January 2003

This WAS a great movie for its day (most likely Jimmy Stewarts Best) but sadly it has gone long out of date!

Let us hope HBO gets an urge to remake it (ala "On The Beach"), although for the life of me I do not know who is around that could fill Jimmy Stewarts shoes in that role that was so him???

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The Best of the Trek Films, 13 January 2003

Seeing as the first movie was as stiff as a board and as flat as a open bottle of soda that had been left out in the summer sun for a week I was not expecting too much from #2 when I saw it, but boy what a surprise it turned out to be!

Frankly if not for this movie Star Trek most likely would have died right there on the spot, which would have meant that we would never have seen any of the TV shows that came later or even any more movies for that matter!

I mean everything worked in this movie, from the Villain (Khan Rules) to the Script (which looked like they spent more than the usual $.99 on) to the acting (which in the case of Shatner was most likely due to huge doses of Prozac,which kept the overacting to a minimum).

In fact I feel that the only sour note in the whole movie was the ending, in which you could just tell that they were doing it only as a set up for the Search for Spock, otherwise they would have shot his body into the sun or blown it up or something like it.

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Clears the Timeless Light Entertainment Hurdle, 12 January 2003

Even though the Horsemasters is over 40 years old it is nearly timeless, as the people and studio who made it kept it centered on horses (and the stable and the people) and away from objects and references which would have made it a dated movie by now!

Frankly I had wished the story would have focused more on the Janet Monro character and less on Annette and the Brat Pack (much more like what was done in the Melissa Gilbert movie Sylvester) which would have made it a much better movie as I was more interested in that aspect of the story line!

Anyway I hope Diseny finally puts this one out on DVD as their Diseny Network now only seems to run this gem once or twice a year and then only at around 3:00am in the morning, so if you are not an insomniac or if you do not own a good VCR your out of luck which is a pity as this is a great flick for the younger girls(5-13) out there.

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Gives you a better return than Payback, 9 January 2003

As I watched the remake (which was called Payback) I wished that these two movies could have been combined and that Lee Marvin had been young enough to play the Mel Gibson role(man he can give you such a look that you would/could swear that you could strike a match on his face) and that Angie Dickinson had been young enough to play his hooker sidekick, because if they had been teamed with Lucy Liu and the slimey guy who played Resnik, that picture could have gone down as one of my all time best films!!!!

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So Stupid that it is Positively Brilliant, 8 January 2003

Seems like this show has been around forever it has that kind of lasting power because even though the jokes are dated (some even more so than others) I still laugh at it!!!!

Too bad it has not come out on DVD yet as the repeats on the tube as so chopped up that they are now unwatchable!

Also would be nice to have that stupid laugh track cut out as well if they go to the trouble to DVD it.

The Thinking Mans Horror Film, 5 January 2003

One of the ones I Had To get on DVD!

Frankly I have found that Roman Polanski is one of those people who when you look at one of their films you either love it or hate it, and this one I most certianly L O V E D as right up to the end it kept you guessing about everything!

Up to and including the fact that almost to the end I was still guessing was this really a quest for the favors of the DEVIL or not just some mad dash in all directions by a bunch of overly rich Insane People that were looking for the ultimate thrill.