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Boring!, 5 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes it has 4 or 5 good action sequences, but the rest is really boring. The director did a poor work to maintain suspense during the whole 2 hours and the acting was average.

I was yawing after the first hour, and the last 5 minutes wanted to storm out of the theater! At the end I said to a friend that the only thing that could make this movie better would be if the main character would die from a drone attack.

There are some references about the previous movies from the franchise but not enough to add to the story or to show the way how "junior" is going to "stick it to the man".

Please watch the movie and try to enjoy it, but don't say nobody warned you!

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Who wrote the scenario?!, 28 July 2012

At the beginning someone said: "...Croatia is a dangerous place for a pretty girl with poor parents...". Well, I'm from Croatia, and I bet you that the Croatian's crime rate is lower than there in the States! We are one of the most safe countries in Europe and this is a pure lie!

The girls in the episode were from Dubrovnik which is a top tourist destination with many cruisers docking in the port every day and people coming from every part of the world, it is also a place where every local person can easily find a job and have a decent living! There is also a prestigious American management college and you can't find that everywhere!

This words in the episode are giving a false reputation to Croatia, and the people who wrote that should check their facts before writing something like that into the script.