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Great Movie, but please remember this is Indian Cinema, 17 December 2007

The best part about this movie is that it is unpredictable. Priyadarshan delivers another comedy gem. His films are usually nothing like the usual masala movies. He follows the script, mostly everything is almost logical, good music and really great comedy. Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar are brilliant. Amisha Patel looks alright and surprisingly doesn't have a big part. Vidya balan is great. The movie keeps you captivated with quite a few lol moments. Towards the end however, the overly explanatory tone of the movie slows it down. This is where I thought a little subtlety would have been great, but then remember, this is for the Indian public and most directors do not want to take any chances. Anyway, watch it and you will not be disappointed.

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The better half of the Indian cinema, 9 May 2007

The movie is simple and thus different. No singing or dancing around the trees, no clichés, no hero saving the heroine. This is a mature look at life after marriage. At the beginning, the commentary is a little boring, but once the honeymoon starts, the movie becomes indulging and interesting. Fardeen Khan does a great job, and Isha Deol simply shines in this down to earth portrait of a middle class Indian girl. Her being gorgeous doesn't exactly hurt the movie either. Satish Shah and Kiran Kher play the grumpy, tired yet in love couple with perfection. The movie is funny and provides some food for thought. I would recommend this to someone with patience and not looking for an item number.

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I have a mistress and its beautiful, 7 March 2005

Well, it was a well made movie for the most part, but some things really surprised me. Women seem to love this movie, but the fact that this man was cheating on his perfect wife doesn't really seem to bother anyone.

They never tell us how he falls in love with Lara, the main character, who by the way is a slut.

I like love stories, deep movies, movies with meaning etc. This movie even though extremely well acted and directed left a lot to be desired.

I believe the almost sainthood of all characters made this movie unbelievable (some might say it made the movie great).

Anyway, if you have 4 hours, and would like to see something quiet different and entertaining, and don't mind adultery (I have seen "closer" for god sakes), then do watch this movie. Everyone in the movie is good( Even dark characters want to help you.).

Have fun

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Was Intriguing, now it is just slow and boring., 1 November 2003

Initially intrigued by the concept and little hints of the protagonist being a healer, I was drawn to this show. It was slow, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt because after all we are talking about HBO which gave us Sopranos and Oz, but then it just dragged and dragged and dragged...and is still dragging. After seven episodes, I have no interest left in this show. I hope they insert some pace into the show otherwise a lot of people (except for the hardcore genre fans) will loose interest.