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Brilliant, 17 February 2012

This DVD IS available on Amazon for those saying they cannot find it. I have had it for almost two years now. We watch it often. This short series is a real gem. The chosen settings are perfect. Dame Wendy is über perfection in this role, as are Maurice Denham (Bucktrout)and Harry Andrews (Fitzgeorge). I particularly liked Maurice as Mr. Bucktrout and his friend Mr. Gosheron, so wonderfully played by David Waller. In fact, what a cast! Every now and again a cast meshes amazingly well and this is one of those times. Not a flaw anywhere. The wisdom and depth of Sackville-West's wonderful book shines through in this adaptation. It is pure joy to watch.

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Love it so far, 19 June 2009

I have been a long time fan of Law and Order (USA) and also a fan of Law and Order CI - but not a fan, however, for the past few years of L and O's SVU which has gone completely haywire in my opinion - trying to outmatch CSI's graphic special effects and violence – and just not working. The regular L and O was getting a bit dull, but seems to have had a kind of rebirth with some new actors the past few seasons, but even so, it's pretty tired, I think. I found Law and Order UK a refreshing change -- equal to (maybe even better than?) and yet different enough from the regular L and O to make it really compelling. Law and order (USA) has always made the justice system its main target and the various story lines wind through their way through the US legal system showing its strengths and weaknesses. The legal system in Britain is very different from the US system, of course, which makes it even more interesting. Like New York, London makes a great backdrop for the series. All actors are strong except for Freema Agyman. I have never found her to be a particularly strong actress. I wish they had chosen someone with a sharper edge - someone "real" and less like an actress simply playing a bleeding-heart role. Agyman plays it way too soppy and wide-eyed -- which makes her very annoying. Bradley Walsh plays Ronnie Brooks perfectly, (right now Bradley IS the show) and who can complain when the amazing Harriet Walter (I wish she was in it more!) and Bill Paterson (ditto) show up on a great show like this? Ben Daniels is also very good as Senior Crown Attorney, James Steel. I loved the two episodes I've seen so far. Top notch!