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You have seen at least one these actors in most any picture made since the 1930's. Some like John Goodman and Karl Malden have had top billing, but most of these Stars are known as the "Co-Star", "Second Banana" "With" or "Also Staring" roles. The vital people that make the story.

Update 6/8/13 - After many comments and some bad omissions on my part, I have updated this list. Thank you all for your comments and please continue.

Update 10/2/13 Again updated to list to 200, after many great comments. Thanks again and keep them coming.

Update 2/14/14 - More comments and more additions. I am now at 250, so any additions from here on out, will be with removing some of the lesser known for ones that people have I have omitted and are worthy of this list.

Update 7/22/14 - Since I said I would stop at 250, but I have gotten several comments about additions and found some of my own. I enjoy the comments and the research, so I will continue onto 300. Thank to you all.

Update 2/6/15 - I haven't been able to get back to this in awhile, but did read all of your comments and concur with most of them. To that end, I have removed many on this list who were known more for their TV work, than in the Movies and added several glaring omissions. Again thanks for all your interest in this.
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Sex appeal, Brains and Brawn makes a Bond Girl. I rated them on those criteria, along with fitting into the storyline. Good looks sometimes just didn't make it to the top.
April 2016 - This list has been updated through Spectre.
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My favorite movies from 1915 to 2015.
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Age before Beauty is a myth as this list shows. Some of the sexist women in Hollywood are in their 60's or older. I updated and expanded my list as 10/31/12 and again on 05/06/15.
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From TV Classics of the 1950's to 2012-13 Season.
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I added all three Casino Royale's and the original 50's TV version as well.

Best Movie: Skyfall
Best Bond Girl: (Tie) Diana Riggs, Barbara Bach
Best Villain: Robert Shaw
Best Henchman: Richard Kiel (Jaws)
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Outdated venue but still some of the best singing and dance routines on screen.
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Our version of TCM's "The Essentials". This is what happens when a group of people, male and female, ages 27 to 57 got into a discussion over movies. We all love movies, which led to "What is your Favorite Movie?", "Your Top 5 Movies?"... So we decided to pick our best three movies you need to own since 1930. So is what we came up with of the Best 3 Movie for each year since 1930 to 2012.
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These are my Bad (as in they REALLY SUCK) Movies.

I am not talking Independent or $100 CamCorder films, but major studios releases. This is major stars like Clint, Stallone, Will Smith and the Duke etc. These are the terrible sequels, bad acting or no script duds, put out by Universal, MGM, Fox etc..
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Movies with endings that have you saying "Didn't see that coming". I won't give away the endings here.
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The Villians, Thugs, Evil Wizards, Nut Cases and all around Meanie. These are best Stars at being the Heavy.
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Crooks, Con Men and Godfathers. They are Bad and we Love them.
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These Movies make anyone Cry.