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Japanese Cinema. My personal overall favourite country for Film. The following list that I have here made consists of all of the films from Japanese Cinema that I would recommend to others. This list will also continue to grow as and when I see more across future years (currently this list consists of 4 pages).

Both of what I consider to be "Top-tier" and "Second-Tier" Japanese films are included.

"Top-tier" equals the very best of Japanese Cinema in my personal opinion. These are the films that i've rated 10/10 (Masterpieces and my personal favourite films of all time) and 9/10 (Excellent/Near-masterpieces).

"Second-tier" equals still-solid films. These are the films that i've rated 8/10 (Very Good!) and 7/10 (Good).

This list is in order of my personal ratings which are then in order of each film's release. So, for example, the films that i've rated 10/10, which are first in line, are then ordered in terms of their chronological release (by the year). Then my 9/10 films come after and so on.

I very much so hope that you find something of use and/or of interest by observing this list of mine.
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There's so many wonderful and great films out there but i'm pretty sure that what follows are my Top 10.
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