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I've watched this 20 times and I still love it!, 8 July 2009

The modern cure for every lost and cynical teen, "Palo Alto" aims to eliminate the common misconception that life must be perfect. The lifestyles of four college freshman yield separate crises that are inevitably tied together to exploit this theme.

For one character, the true meaning of fraternity brotherhood is understood--a relief granted by this film, as most college movies portray frats as only about "chicks and beer."

For another character, his life is turned around by an old bus driver and a lonely, quirky girl that is played tremendously well by Autumn Reeser.

There are other characters as well, but summarizing them here will give too much away.

To finalize: Being an independent film, it's up to the viewer to choose how to relate to each character. That said, it is definitely a "Thinker" film. So pay attention!

Virtuality (2009) (TV)
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More Psychological than SciFi, 28 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought that the characters were very well developed--though a cheesy plot, the story more or less centers itself around peer interaction. The "mockumentary" type interviews are scripted amazingly. The only issue that I find is in killing off the commander right away. He's the character that you develop the most interest for, and can relate to. But in this first episode he dies, leaving out 75% of the psychoticness that this title intended to portray. Assuming, however, that this is the only episode EVER, then killing off the commander doesn't really matter. His death brings very little to that "edge of your seat" feeling and, more or less, alludes to the fact everyone on that ship is now screwed. nothing more to add