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Misery (1990)
Made for Kathy, 10 July 2006

I started watching this movie without great pretensions. I never heard about that, but the story slowly involved me. The plot is quite original, (little spoilers) the "fan fanatism" in literature. The main actors are very well, with intense performance. A great example of making a big low-budget movie. I should not speak details, but the screenplay is brilliant, keeping the pace as an excellent thriller. We do feel as James Caan, looking for any possibility of scaping from what is becoming more an more a nightmare. Only a few moments ago I found out that was a Stephen King's best seller. For his fans, a wonderful film...and I hope they accept the end!

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Disappointing..., 21 June 2004

I was very interested in watching Cazuza. His story is well-known by most of the Brazilians that lived during the 80s rock moment. But Cazuza himself was not really explained in the movie. It was based in the book of Lucinha Araujo, Cazuza's mother, and it seems that she tried to convince herself and the others that she was a good mother and he was a good son. If you are a parent, you can take you own conclusion about this. All the self-destructive behavior of Cazuza doesn't fix in this scenario.From where it came from? For his rebellion with the homophobic world? Or it was a consequence of the inexistence of limits or punishments in a high-class Brazilian family? For who knows the story, the movie looks like a poor documentary. If Cazuza is considered the real Brazilian poet of the 80s, he deserved a better explanation.

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Not just another Christmas movie, 29 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched "The Family Man" for the second time last Xmas week, that terrible week when every movie on TV talks only about kidnapped Santa Claus and Pine Trees. But I should say that this film is much more than this. Actually, for me Nicolas Cage is a guarantee of a good film, because everything he does is much better than the average. It is a movie about feeling and self-understanding. Some kind of "emotional development".Good movie for that ones that say "I don't want to marry and a don't want kids"

SPOILERS AHEAD You can be really convinced about the reasons of his choices at the end of the movie. How could you not fell something looking to Tea Leoni at his moment? If Cash (Cheadle, well done) really existed or not is not the point. The thing is that Mr. Jack Campbell (Cage) felt in a way he never did.

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Action thriller, 29 December 2003

Will Smith made a great job, in his most "serious" role. He actually added some pieces of comedy, but the protagonist was most of the time very real. All the plot was very well-developed. Sometimes we can really lose our breath, will all the runaway situations. The high-tech environment gives an interesting condition. We should emphasize that most of the technology shown is close to a possible reality. Gene Hackman works in a way that we couldn't think about another one in his place. Jason Lee participation was very short, but important as the beginning of the action part.

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Brazilian teenagers series, 22 December 2003

Malhacao is probably one of the longest series of Brazilian TV. Globo TV is thinking about finishing it all the time, but they didn't find a substitute. The fact is that "Malhacao" is good. In the beginning, the plot was all the day at the gym. That would seems extremely boring, but it was a hit. The crew kept changing all the time, substituting young actors by younger ones. That is some kind of "acting academy". I should say that it works pretty well. It gave opportunity to a lot of new artists. There are some older to give the balance, but 80% of the crew is average 18. The writers are trying to give some interesting topics of discussions, like abortion, AIDS, drugs, alcohol and parents-relatives relationships. And they are doing it in an interesting way of stimulating debates.

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The War from an insider perspective, 22 December 2003

The invasion of Poland, from its beginning to the end, from the perspective of a Jewish pianist, Wladyslaw Szpilman. Adrien Brody is almost perfect in his intensity. It is a peaceful message against the horror of war and prejudice. The way the plot is developed, starting with Warzaw in a normal 1939 day made us feeling within the life of the protagonist. There are a lot of real details about the siege in Poland, including the role of the Jewish Police and the black markets. These facts are most of the time forgotten in other movies. Roman Polanski may be a crazy man, but we can't say he is not talented.

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What a soap opera!, 21 December 2003

This is a remarkable piece. Nuno Leal Maia and its family made history in teenager participation in Brazilian soap operas, giving space to some young talents that came, as Marcelo Faria, Gabriela Duarte and Adriana Esteves. Cecil Thire is very good in the bad guy role. All the environment is very positive, full of soul, mainly in the beach scenes.

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Not exactly Terra Nostra 2, 21 December 2003

First: To watch Esperanca, you need to have seen Terra Nostra. At least, have minimum information about its characters. An special advice must be given. Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the prestigious writer, thought about Terra Nostra as a trilogy, covering 3 different periods of the same families, some italian relatives. The idea was not turn in practice, and he mixed details of the 2nd and 3rd chapters of the trilogy in Esperanca. The plot was good, but the "solution" for the problems that Barbosa created during the first months took real big efforts. The episodes were written almost at the same time they needed to be filmed. The big structure of the crew became upside-down. Globo TV put Walter Carrasco as the substitute writer, in order to make it faster, and he made a real mess in the history, inserting weird situations, changing the personalities of some protagonists with no reason. The audience didn't forgive all the mistakes. Globo TV considers it a good experience about "what we shouldn't do". If you want my opinion, do not waste your time with Esperanca, keep with Terra Nostra only.

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Classical Brazilian teenager soap opera, 21 December 2003

"Que Rei sou eu?" (What King am I?) was a big hit of TV in 1989. A lot of people miss it a lot. The plot is full of action, movement, comedy and a bit of romance. The crew is very efficient, with memorable roles and quotes. It is about a fictional - with some ironic brazilian-related details - kingdom of 17th/19th century ( it not easy to define a period, but it is not important)The partnership of Cassiano Gabus Mendes as writer and Jorge Fernando as director in one of their most creative pieces.

How to waste money!, 23 June 2003

When the idea of the Street Fighter movie was presented, everybody start dreaming that it would be perfect. Van Damme as Guile, wow, that is great! So, the problem is that the videogame is too many fighter options...too many to be in the movie...The screenplay was like a zoo. Nothing is connected. Unfortunatelly, a big waste of time and money.

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