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Budapest (2009)
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a movie rendered in the most heart-warming way, 28 September 2009

I haven't read the book but this is just as well because this film is trying even too hard to fly , with its own wings,out of the boundaries of the written words and is presenting us the struggle of being reborn into a totally foreign and alienating reality where words sound like a river and you only have a knife in your hand to segment the flow and understand what's around and yourself in it. Budapest is a film of new emotions,new colors forever changing (gray ,yellow and possibly red or green...who knows )and while the main character is rebuilding an identity that is like giving birth to oneself time and time again is also rediscovering life, with roles and expectations that might not bear any resemblance to the previous's a glorious new beginning ,pursued fully by heart, body and mind.

That will come after plenty of disorientation and hard work. The final sense of achievement in the ghostwriter plight of shining of its own light is the same accomplishment of the movie itself that both director and actors alike have rendered in the most heart-warming way.