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Worst Eclipse I ever see, 4 July 2010

When you see a real eclipse, the scientists say to you "don't look it, maybe you'll lose your vision..." That's the same with this typical, predictable, and bad performed movie. Not only the story sucks with the same guideline of the sequel, also doesn't give anything new, fresh, a roll movement of the history. TOO predictable also is the sequence, if you joke in the theater what will happen, your laugh more higher when you will goes like a map. The actors, again staffs nominated for another RAZZIE for WORST performance ever in a theater. So ¿why I see again this sequel? 'cause my little sister who doesn't know anything about quality films, good photography, great performance for actresses... If you see, this movie is for people under a 90 IQ.

Avatar (2009)
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The Best Sci-Fi Movie of the Decade another Masterpiece of Cameron, 26 December 2009

Ahead of Matrix, The Star Wars Saga, AVATAR gives to the Cinema Culture a new hole level of quality production, beginning with the best computer assisted design with the characters and scenes.

Avatar improved this items -Visual Effects (the all new species of a world far to us, birds, mammals, amphibious) -Sound Effects (noises of the species, machines movements) -Design (war machines, spaces shuttles, weapons, robots) -Evioroment messages (keep the nature, and species) -Screen View (the scenes, photography, and all picture of the action sequences has a entire new level of quality, dedication, and improve thecnologic in the photo shoots)

All in all gives to the audience the best feeling about the quality work of Cameron, even the preliminary spots, that show only a few good looking of the entire movie, but that little piece, is the first step to watch this movie.

George Lucas, Michael Bay, Wasowski Bros and others Film directors will fell envy and jealousy for Cameron, because this man again give to the world a Masterpiece, and a new vision of QUALITY cinematography in this Film.

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the best way to waste more of 2 hours of my life, I'll never recovered, 23 November 2009

First of all, i'll analyze this piece of cr%$p in 3 parts

1. The expectation of all audience was very high, especially in terms of guidelines of the first version, but the primal scenes of the advertisement giving to me the caution about the poor of the cast and screenplay

2. This movie doesn't have any positive thing to comment, the Bella character is for me the WORTS FEMALE Performance I EVER SEE in me life, this actress deserve the jail to give to the female Young's fans a BAD example about whats is the way to manage a love deception, this love who Bella gives to the pathetic Pattison (other who deserves the life prison)

3. The all screenplay seems was wrote by a young depressed girl, who wants the suicide, dark music, and blood in her wrist, other most experimented people maybe works better in this a example of worst way to waste millions of dollars in a budget, a unexperienced cast, bad screenplay, mid end visual effects.

All in all, this movie maybe is important to the young depressing females, but for the rest of cinema fans, we will put this candidate a the WORTS movie of 2009, for the high expectations about it, and the result for the critic...

Very bad job of the Director and Producers

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Turbius Look of the society, 15 September 2009

When I saw the movie, the unrated and original version for Europe and to rest to the world, in a empty theater, I entrapment with the music, scenes, and the physical expression of the all cast... The best part, the scene in the palace, with all hidden by the mask, this part remember me the ambiguous Kubrick likes to put in his pictures, one of the Best Film's I ever see... and the Palace sequences, the best I ever see in my life... Cruise and Kidman feels the emotive way direction of Kubricks, and the music he select, gives to the film, and assorter atmosphere. Mask, Music, Silence, if feel in other world in the theater. I love the actress who plays Domino, she gives Wings to the Dr Hartford, and I mentally pushed him to have anything with Domino, but the AIDS stop him, the Dr Hartford still looking for revenge, and I feel the same, in me real life, with me relationships, I heard one affair of me girl, and the scenes of Eyes Wide Shut comes to me little brain...

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An Epic Film/MASTERPIECE, 13 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film shows so far away is the director in the development/achievement of photo technology. The real shadows, the empty sounds of the space, and the mysterious HAL 9000, wives to the film more sub realistic sense I ever seen. For the launch year, all movie fan needs to see before die this production, for me is a MASTERPIECE of the 7th art. Only Solar Alert and WALL E with their perfect work in sounds, photos, and guidelines, almost reach the truth of the mysterious think of the machines, and their wacko decisions about life of the humans (like Terminator & Matrix), 2001 A Space Odyssey really perform to the audience the truth about machines, and the life and death conscience