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The cake looked delicious...., 21 February 2003

the first time I saw this, I nearly died laughing. It's not Pee Wee for kids, and it is SO funny! my dad laughed at it and he laughs at nothing. I would highly reccomend this to anyone...whatever your sense of humor is, you will find something funny in it from the songs, to the Mr. Bungle Sketch, to Captain Carl, you will laugh so hard.

Daredevil (2003)
It was not all that good, 17 February 2003

Ok. First thing: When I glanced quickly at the poster from afar, I thought or more, HOPED that Army Of Darkness was making some sort of comeback to theaters...

I don't like Musicals. I really don't. But I liked Chicago. Go see that instead of this. I found myself in the theater in agony... I mean it. The movie was all filler. Spare your money.

Future War (1997) (V)
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Well, It was pretty bad, 10 February 2003

MST3K is a great show! I love it! But some movies shown I can't watch the whole way through. This happens rarely, take this one for example. Any movie that has a nun fighting dinosaurs from the future can't be good. I mean, it actually could be a good premise to a weird little film, but this one did such an idea an injustice. If any one suggests this movie to you, hit them over the head with a frying pan. Okay don't really. You could get sued. Actually, run as fast as you can in the other direction. The Mentioning of the title is enough to cause horrible flashbacks for those who have seen it. I have. Save yourself the pain. Some movies are good because they are so bad, but this one is so bad it's unbearable to watch. So don't even try it.

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Bad movie, unrealistic, 2 February 2003

What sort of soap opera unrealistic piece of crap is this? I dance and this movie is NOTHING like what its like. Don't see it. trust me. My friends and I saw it just because we've seen every other ballet movie out there. This one has to be the worst. Sorry.

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Well, I'm sure they tried, 9 January 2003

Well, you got to hand it to them: I mean, the people in this movie did the best they could. It's a shame that the plot was crap. In all honesty, you'd better really love the show Lost in Space to see this movie. Anyone else I don't think would like it much. I should know. Lets just say that this is the perfect example of why not to see a bad movie so you can see your favorite actor. I did. And I regret it. Believe me, you're better off seeing something else... although i'll have to admit, the special effects were pretty good, but flashy CGI can only get you so far....