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painfully pathetic
10 June 2009
I don't like to criticize a show by just watching the first episode. So, I have been waiting to see some light, a piece of hope in this show, but no luck. From start to finish, top to down almost everything is wrong about this show. First to say, Jimmy is still not confident about what he is doing, with all the jokes he is delivering (or trying to deliver), his interviews, 7th floor west,... and so on. Because of his amateurish appearance I feel so irritated and tense that after the show I need to take couple of antidepressants. I think the main reason behind this feeling is because Jimmy is a nice, kind guy and you don't want him to be humiliated, but every night is another humiliation for him. And the sad thing is he also gets all the blames on behalf of the so untalented writing team.
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