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The Prize (2011)
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My Dad Sells Drapes, 12 February 2011

Literally blurred and unfocused personal childhood drama with barely defined characters, repetitive and redundant imagery that strives for poetry without achieving any, a rather thin and forced, though potentially interesting narrative and a strongly unwelcome naivety regarding the serious political circumstances the pic's set in. (Though from a child's point of view, the last point may make sense.)

That said, the child actors are great.

A movie you'd like to like more than you do.

I doubt this pic may be awarded any "premio", but the plot might have served as the basis for a solid short.

5 out of 10 sandy roller-skates

Ovine Horror, 2 February 2011

This woolly New Zealand splatter comedy hasn't got quite the same wit and originality as Jackson's Braindead, but in itself, it's a fun ride, no matter whether you love sheep or detest them.

The director finds the right balance between spoofing the genre and taking it seriously, which results in scenes being both mordantly funny and comically repulsive at the same time.

The plot's mere window-dressing to present one hilarious sheep incident after another. And some jokes work wonders in a childish sort of way.

A silly fun movie through and trough.

6 out of 10 were-sheep

A Compass to Nowhere, 2 February 2011

This mechanical kid's fantasy is just as cold and clinical as its gorgeously rendered, but somewhat distancing surroundings. Magical, this ain't.

Sure, there are some nice ideas and narrative touches here and there, but the exposition is strictly irritating, the storyline is meandering, the adult characters haven't got any charm and the cliffhanger ending leaves one stumped.

Admittedly, the pic's not as bad as I made it look like: the visuals are marvellous and the story's got some interesting points.

5 out of 10 warrior polar bears

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Big, Green and Mean, 2 February 2011

One of those impersonal by-the-numbers comic adaptations with no real heart and soul, but lots of noisy mayhem and superficiality.

Edward Norton should've known better, Roth and Hurt chew the scenery, and Liv is her usual doll-like self.

The CGI work is rather bland, but the movie's energetic direction and some nice location work serve the entertainment factor. It could've been worse, it could've been better.

Ange Lee's Hulk movie at least tried to inject a personal point of view to the tired franchise, this one's just big mainstream stuff. In the end, both movies get the same rating. Life's unfair.

5 out of 10 bad Hulks

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Dr. Kimble in French, 2 February 2011

Extremely fast-moving, well-acted, not too silly, but somehow rather predictable and too cozily summed up romantic thriller with a corny love subplot and lots of confusing story threads.

There's no real emotion or suspense to the convoluted narrative, but the actors do their best and compared to most thrillers nowadays, there's not too much idiocy abound. And the French touch surely does help.

Easily forgotten, but quite well-made cinematic equivalent to one of those impersonal page-turners churned out regularly.

6 out of 10 lost wives

The Valet (2006)
Who's My Girl?, 2 February 2011

Not quite as hilarious as earlier Veber concoctions, but as funny as modern-day bedroom farces may get nowadays. The French are masters at that type of comedy.

The actors do their best with their paper-thin, but likable characters, some scenes work wonderfully, others feel too forced, but the good-natured proceedings ensure pleasurable viewing.

A certain snappiness would've given the material's fluffiness the necessary edge.

Still watchable, though the final joke's too silly.

6 out of 10 unlikely playboys

Across the Border, 21 January 2011

Small-scale social drama that's never quite as honestly touching as it's ought to be, but still succeeds to be a solid and watchable indie product.

The directing and some of the acting have a slight air of amateurishness to them, though some performances are great, and the screenplay is also rough around the edges, indeed.

But the interesting setting and some of the ways the plot's handled are satisfactory as well as the pic's calm and gentle pay-off.

And it's good to see socially aware American cinema for a change.

6 out of 10 babies on ice

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John Cheese, 6 January 2011

Okay, the style's rather anonymous and some of the contemporary guest comedians' commentaries - particularly during the second part of this six-part series - are simply worthless and work as useless time-fillers.

Apart from that, the Pythons are at their wittiest and self-revelatory best, with Idle's and Gilliam's interviews being especially interesting.

For fans, this doc's a treasure to behold, though nothing's able to replace the original movies and shows for sheer enjoyment.

Some details about the post-Python goings-on would've been welcome, but all in all this is a solid documentary on one of the most influential and, simply put, funniest comedy teams ever.

7 out of 10 group dynamics

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Communication Breakdown, 6 January 2011

The Kiwis are better at fantasy than real life...

After a promising start this rather enervating domestic drama settles for shrill melodramatics and stupid behaviour, based on silly coincidences, and culminates in an over-the-top showdown that strives for catharsis, but merely achieves hollow bathos, while the only agreeable character meets a grim farewell.

Nice to look at and not without its moments, but much too long-winded and emotionally bloated.

Watch Black Sheep instead.

4 out of 10 brotherly feuds

Scared Shrekless (2010) (TV)
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ErShrekend, 3 January 2011

Surprisingly hilarious Halloween special with the first episode, a brilliant Bride of Frankenstein parody, particularly outstanding.

After the average Christmas special the writers really upped the ante and came up with some gruesomely funny ideas and jokes, using the by now all too well-known Shrek characters remarkably well.

The result's an entertaining half-hour roller-coaster with only the middle section lagging.

Since the first two installments, Shrek has never been this funny. Aaaargh!!!

7 out of 10 haunted castles

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