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Flesh is a trap and magic sets us free..., 9 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First there was Hellraiser, then Nightbreed…now Lord Of Illusions.

Having just seen this film earlier this year, I was surprised at how underrated it is since the two previous films Barker made overshadowed it. I truly think this was a brilliant film that had such a compelling plot it might of very well been one of the greatest horror/thrillers of the 1990's.

The movie opens with four teenagers traveling through the desert to save a young girl who has been kidnapped by a group of cult followers. Here we meet Nix, the leader of the cult who has terrifying powers of magic. One of the teenagers who come to stop him is nineteen year old Philip Swann. Nix's ex- trainee. After defeating Nix, the teenagers all go their separate ways after burying Nix deep in the desert.

Cut thirteen years later and we learn that Swann has become one of the most famous illusionist in the world (Via David Copperfield) and the young girl he saved many years ago has brown into a beautiful young woman who he is now married to. Around this time private directive Harry D'Amour is sent from New York to work a job in LA. Here he stumbles upon Swann and his wife who fear that Nix's cult members are coming back to kill anyone who crossed them. Here D'Amour has to walk the line between good and evil and make sure Nix never finds a way to come back from the dead.

Five stars all the way. I would tell anyone to check this movie out. Truly a haunting tale about the living dead, love, and magic. Kevin O'Connor and Famke Janssen shine in this movie along with the amazing special effects and flashy slick scenes.

One of my all time favorites, check it me you'll love it.

Pick up this movie, 12 October 2004

The story is very simple, Jim Halsey ( played by the 80's teen star C. Thomas Howell) Is driving across the back roads of Texas to bring a "rent a car" To it's transport. One dark rainy night Jim grows tried and almost runs off the road. In order to stay awake he drives further down the dark road and sees a man waiting for a ride, Jim pulls over and the dark stranger gets in...Halsey smiles and says "My mother told me never to do this." Everything seems to go well and the stranger gives his name "John Ryder" (played by the scary and awesome Rutger Hauer)But things get turned around once Ryder pulls a knife on the scared teenager and tells him the car they just past which was pulled over on the side of the road wasn't his car...but the car of the last man that picked him up, and how he cut off his arms, and legs and his head...and he's gonna do the same to him." But Halsey gets the upper hand and pushes the psycho out of the speeding car and thinks his nightmare is over...but it isn't not by a long shot. Soon people who Ryder is getting rides from are being found massacred on the sides of the desert roads...and the state police blame Halsey. Jim's only hope is a young waitress (Jennifer Jason Leigh...who also played in Grandview USA with Howell three years back) The two run for their lifes through the desert from cops and Ryder himself...but what does Ryder really want?...does he want to toy with the one man that was able to stop him or turn him into a stronger man that could become the evil he all ready is? All I'm saying is it's an awesome film, make sure to rent it. The acting between Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell is outstanding, the plot, score, script and filming is perfect and the showdown at the end of the film leaves you with a very uneasy feeling. And let us not forget the mack truck part...

The best thriller made by a man, 17 May 2004

C. Thomas Howell proved once again he was "The Man" When it came to acting.

This film is a horror/action/thriller. I saw it a few years ago after seeing the rather s-hitty sequel. I remember how they kept talking about "What happened to Jim fifteen years ago..." So being the horror buff that I am I went to my local video store and brought it ( Talk about trusting it!) So after turning the lights down low and sitting on my couch and started to watch one of the best films ever made by a man...

The film is about a young man named Jim (Howell) Who's driving a rental car across the back highways of Texas, Along his way he picks up a hitchiker (Rutger Hauer) Who end up being a crazed psycho who holds a knife to his throat and tells Jim to say he wants to die...But Jim gets the upperhand and throws him out of the speeding cars ( Whenever Jim's honking and swearing...It always cracks me up.)But little does poor little Jim know...This is only the beginning.

The movie was filmed great ( Loved the outside shots) And had a great pace to it...Theirs really not a lot of talking between the people, But whenever they say something it's to the point and hits hard.

The story is one thing I wanna bring up, Eric Red is one of the best writers I ever saw, He made his story so un-known, Almost in a dream/nightmare form...Leaving us asking questions of what did the Hitcher really want...and was Jim's job to stop him? I guess I could go on for hours talking about my thoughts on this film.

The acting was A+ C. Thomas Howell is my favorite actor and he played the role so well...I hope I get to see more from him, I mean you can tell what kind of actor he is whenever The Mack truck part happenes ( Best part of the movie) Or whenever it's the final showdown between him and the Hitcher...He changes in a way and maybe that's what the Hitcher wanted?

Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh play their roles great, Hauer didn't really need to say anything...Just the way he moved and looked was great, Scary guy. and Jennifer played nice as the girl "Stuck" in the middle of all of this ( Watch the movie to get that joke)

I loved this film and I hope others will rent it, Great acting, Great story...Trust me once it ends your gonna fell closer to the lead and pop the tape in again.

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A golden film, 29 February 2004

The Outsiders is a film you look back on and remember the ture masterpice it really was...It had everything a great movie could of had... The story, The cries, The laughs and most of all people in it you could care about...I thought the acting was A+ for these eight raiseing stars...Most of all C. Thomas Howell who played Ponyboy...He made the film his own and I think he's a fine actor even to this day...I mean he was only what fifteen when he did this...I am still shocked to this day he never got an Ocar. I hope these people who stared in this great film will remember that even a small story of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks can be the greatest film ever made. Five stars to whoever thinks about renting it...One of the best movies of the 80's.

The Abyss (1989)
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One of the best films ever made., 22 January 2004

Back in 80's James Cameron was the man, So far he had The Terimator and Aliens under his belt...So he went for somthing different...It had nothing to do with space or the future...Just a film about people,Fear,Love and a force smarter then any man on earth.I watched this film about a year ago for the first time...And now it goes down as one of my favorite films of all times. The story was very simple,about twenty oil drillers that live in a underwater oil rig and five Navy Seals go deep into the ocean to check out a sub that crashed for unknown reasons. After a storm the people are stuck down their...But their's somthing coming out of the deep dark abyss...Somthing that looks like a flash of light...Somthing that puts joy in others...and fear into the Navy Seal leader Lt. Coffey.

The film was very well done...I might say James could of done better,Maybe not such a happy go lucky ending...maybe add some fear into it...But at the same time he made a great film and went on to make many more. The film's main highlight is Lt. Coffey ( Michael Biehn) He plays his part as best as anyone could and I think the man should of won an ocar for this role, If James makes another movie make sure you put Biehn it in...Somthing about thouse two...they just make great movies together.

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Thank you Quentin for making this film., 14 December 2003


The first word that pops into your mind when you hear the name Quentin Tarantino is Shocking...why because I grew up watching films like Reservoir dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. When I first heard about this film I really didn't get to jeeped up because when I heared about the film getting slip I thought of what a pain it would be to go to the movies twice just to see what happenes...I was dead wrong Kill Bill is about The Bride (Uma Thurman) Who gets attacked on her wedding day from her Boss Bill (David Carradine) and her co-workers The deady Viper assassin squad (Lucy Liu , Daryl Hannah, Vivica A. Fox, and Michael Madsen) After getting a bullet in the head she wakes up four years later and seeks revenge on them. Quentin out did himself once again...A film I thought I would hate ended up being one of the best of 2003...also re-useing Uma and Madsen was very smart! The film is great and action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat...also now I think great idea to split the films in half! great cliffhanger! Im counting down the days now untill Vol.2 which I hope out grosses Vol.1 Also as Budd said 'That woman deserves her revenge and we deserve to die.

The Fan (1981)
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Every breath you take...ever move you make...i`ll be watching you., 25 October 2003

I always think of this film as the top ten underrated movies of 1981,I saw this movie a few years ago and HBO and I liked it. The film had a very good story and very good acting it it...One of the best stalking films ever! The only weak points were that the actress was way too old for this man to really go after, and the songs (lolololol) The movie was very well paced. Maybe they could of done more...but I really think this film was very well done. And Im sorry people forgot it. Michael Biehn very pulls the movie along and I think he's a great actor...he plays his parts very well and I hope to see more from him.

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A great movie, 26 August 2003

I think this has to be one of my fav Tv movies done by Steven...I have always been a big fan of his books and movies...I grew up watching this Tv movie because my mother had it on the four vhs tapes...I remember having a huge crush on Adam Stroke and Rob Lowe....(i even named my two gold fish after them he he he...) The Stand has always been a fav of mine and I always feel close to the people in the story when watching it...and when one of them dies i feel like one of my friends were taken away....I just rewatched it with a friend of mine and we both reloved it...that made me read the book...I was hooked and within a week I was done...I felt like Steven did a great job writting the book and I even cried a little...I still think they did a great job making it into a tv movie...the songs in it were great (The opening) and the cast...I loved everyone...My fave two side stories were Larry and Nick...because i liked them and i liked the people they played...I wish they could have made this into a movie but Steven was right...It would have to get cut to heel and shorter...I loved the movie and i always cry at the end....

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One of the best tv movies ever, 26 August 2003

Ever since i can remember I have grown up watching this movie...My mother owned the four pack Vhs set...I loved watching it over and over because im a big fan of Steven King's movies and books.I loved the story because it was really one of a kind...i felt close to the people in it and i always cry in it. The ending had cheese but everything else was great...great music...great cast...great story. Just this year i just finnished reading the uncut book and i loved it...sure they left out a few parts that were key to the story but still it won my heart. Best of all i loved the people in the of all Nick and Larry ( Rob Lowe and Adam Stroke)mostly because i had a huge crush on them growing up ( I even named my two gold fish after them he he he...) And because the people they played won my heart.Even after all of the years of other tv movies I know this one will always be the gratest one ever.

Critters (1986)
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Those crazy critters, 18 February 2003

Critters has everthing a 80`s sci fi movie should have,cheese,rock and pop songs gore and a very good story. Yes many may say this is a rip off of Gremlins..but it is very different in its own way..did Gremlins have bounty hunter...Noooooooo! Yes it knows it may be one..but it has fun.. i mean little fun balls eating people! how grat is that! i think Critters are much more scary then any other thing that breeds because of water.. its got the best setting .. a small farm town.. a house in the middle of no where.. the family makes us like them and fell bad for them.. (Dee Wallace) once more shows us she is the scream queen of the 80`s and look out for a very young (Billy Zane)! also i must say (Terrence Mann)does one of the best parts he showed that he can play a rock star and a bounty hunter all in the same movie! i just cant get tired of that song `Power of the night..Ohhhh the 80`s... sure part 2 ,3 and 4 are ok..but like scream 2 said...nothing can beat number one! so i would say to anyone who sees this to rent this movie... truse me its great..