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wow this was baddddddddd, (spoilers), 13 April 2010

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I watched this, dreadful movie, and couldn't stand it. but i sat through it regardless. its a terrible hormonal fest. shes running around trying to fill out the gap that her father left when he left her mother, and when she meets one guy he just hates himself and tell her to leave him alone. then she meets jacob, and ends up being told the same thing, 20 min of her whining and crying and sitting while menacingly watching everyone else having a life for four months or something. then her weird obsession of getting into trouble just to see edward is just crazy. she should be locked up in a padded cell, instead she walks around like a zombie and sounding like shes getting strangled in her sleep, this movie was a chore to see a little girls fantasy of being with vampires. all in all. it could just be a dream while shes in a coma and it all started when she thought she got saved by edward but instead shes dreaming all this up. it all makes sense, because how ridiculous the story is. for shame, that could have been a better way of ending it.