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Offspring (2001)
An excellent, original and personal work!
15 February 2003
As a documentary film-maker and personally concerned by the subject matter, I was very moved by this program that I happened to stumble over when it was broadcast on French TV FRANCE2 on Feb. 14, 2003, late at night. The more so, since it has helped to motivate me to make a documentary about my personal experience, similar, yet different, that I have lived with for some 30 odd years. For that purpose, I would like to contact Barry and discuss his film with him. Barry, if you read this, feel free to write me a note, so we can get in touch.

May I add, as advice to documentary film-makers in the US, I strongly believe that one should put up a fight with foreign broadcasters to have interviews and on-camera statements sub-titled rather than dubbed or voice-overed. The off-commentary can be dubbed, hence giving the viewer a language "break", but sub-titled on-camera statements are closer to the real thing. I'm not sure about other countries, but the French audience is used to that and appreciates it.

Keep up the good work - a beautiful personal and honest piece of work that deserves to be honored at festivals! Michael Brown, Paris France
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