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Player (2011)
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Player, 26 September 2009

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I recently saw a private screening of "Player". This movie lives up to the excitement seen in its trailer.The acting is first rate, along with the direction and cinematography.It has a film noir tone to the dialog and story,but has been filmed using the beautiful colors, and use of light as seen in a Rembrandt painting.

This is an intense story with a surprise ending, at the same time it has its humorous moments.If you enjoyed Leaving Las Vegas,and Bugsy, you will definitely like Player.

You are easily drawn into the story of an experienced gambler named Sam, and a young woman he calls Princess.There are complex family issues involving Sam, his son Jack,their families, along with the dangerous gamblers Sam is trying to beat at their own game.

Sam is willing to risk just about anything for the "big win", and teaches Princess not only how to play the game, but how to enjoy the danger involved in playing.

This is a movie for adults who are not afraid of using their brains. As written by Robert Fleet, and the role of Sam played by him,we all were really intrigued by the complex relationships he has with his family, and especially with Princess.

The role of Princess as played by Natalie Avital is an exceptional performance that was beautifully captured by Director Alina Szpak.It is a movie worth going out of your way to see.

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If you like film noir 07 June 2009, 6 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A wonderful short film by Producer/Director Stephan Szpak-Fleet. Change the date to the 1950's, cast Veronica Lake, Richard Conte, Fred MacMurray, and you would not know the difference between this fine short film, and anything produced at that time.

The film is a classic tale of murder,money,and double-crosses.Unlike other modern attempts at film noir, that rarely compare to the originals,this film pulls-off the genre quite well.

With a fine script by Robert Fleet, and some first rate acting, this film does not disappoint. Hilary Hesse is particularly good, delivering the dialog if she spoke in that "film noir" manner her whole life.

If you are a fan of Ed Begley Jr. you will really enjoy his work here. The only nod to the modern era, and a wonderful touch, is a hint of graphic novel (long before"Heroes"). Director of Photography David C. Smith captures the look and mood perfectly. I highly recommend this film.